Don't Lable Me


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    Don't Lable Me

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sat Nov 29 2008, 17:49

    I am an Emo.
    Most think I canít smile
    That I canít laugh,
    And you believe that vile.

    I am a Goth.
    You say that Iím cold
    But maybe you shouldnít listen
    To everything youíre told

    I am a punk.
    The world sees my style
    Although in truth,
    Iím not really that wild.

    I am a poser.
    And you all just canít see,
    That Iím just not ready,
    To look at the real me.

    I am a loner.
    You see I donít fit in,
    And I donít want you to see,
    What truly lies within.

    I am Broken.
    I need some time to cry,
    But most just push me down,
    And wonít give me a chance to fly.

    I am a person.
    And Iíd like you to see,
    That you canít go around,
    And just label me.

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