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    New Rules

    Post by quater on Wed Nov 26 2008, 15:32

    I don't really remember the old rules, but, here are some new rules! There are two kind of avatar requests I will do.

    Non descript ava requests

    This is where you ask me to make an avatar, but you don't really give me many details. Like, "I want a kakashi one." I highly suggest you don't do this, because then you leave me a lot of work to figure out a good Kakashi one, but you will also be charged a much larger fee if you do this. Do I suggest it? No.

    You can fix up a non descript avatar easily. Instead of saying, "I want a Kakashi avatar" you could easily say, "I want one of Kakashi, doing Chidori during his fight with Itachi," and suddenly the avatar is easier to make, and will probably be much more to your liking. Hooray, everyone wins, especially me. And I am what matters, right?

    Descriptive avatar requests

    If you really want an avatar to be like you want it, then you should provide the timeframe of an episode you got it from, and explain what is in it.

    Bleach 196: 21:40-21:45 "The scene where Zaraki scoffs at Nnoitora just before..."

    If you do this, and you provide me the link to a video not hosted by Megavideo or Youtube, the avatar will come very quickly (Probably done that day), will be very cheap, and will also make me just love you all the more.

    Even if you don't do it like this, it's still better to explain the scene really well. If I am going to spend tons of time making this, please be willing to put in your share of work!

    Another quick rule, I will only make avatars 500 frames or under. IF you ask me to avatar an entire episode, don't be surprised if I don't get everything you want. You'll live.

    This is all for now.

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