Hear Ye! Hear All! Contest News!


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    Hear Ye! Hear All! Contest News!

    Post by knssquad

    That's right, I am right! All of you are wrong for I have news, yes, heralding news for all of you! You DO know that there is a little, big ongoing competition between villages? Yes, that's the word! Do you want to be left out of the excitement and thrill of this once in a lifetime opportunity? I should think not!

    I know, I know. You silly children out there probably have not a single clue what this is about! Being out of the loop is tragically uncool and unrefined. Thus! Here is wonderful Sabaku's delightful post explaining the 3000 November user goal AND the competition. And Looky! Even a scoreboard to keep tally of the recruited users! Tell me that is just not radical? I dare, tell me!


    Well, now you know what you are threatening newcomers for! It's to glorify your name (Selfish people!), be the best you can be, push yourself to your most crunching recruiting limits, and raise your village to the highest name of them all! Besides, you've heard people often debating which village is better or which on is the best. Well then! No WOTN wars have proven that unanswered question yet so this is the ultimate decider! Is that not exciting or what?

    Now, Now, Now, I know. I know all of you sharks are just waiting for the prize because you know and I know that there needs to be an incentive instead of begging you all to recruit. PLUS! The title said competition and it is the epitome of lame to have a competition without a grand supersonic, amazing prize!

    The winning village gets...wait a minute....wait.....Someone needs to drum me up, here

    Different colored village forums that are multicolored to their choice while the rest of the villages keep the usual site layout colors so they can be the most dazzling and scintillating, the envy of all of the other plain villages! Also, also, get this: The best part of all! All of the Kages, yes, the kages you cherish and love, must go to the winning village's forum, and in front of everyone, admit that the winning village is the best village of them all! How embarrassing! You can make fun of the losers by quoting these kages for the rest of your WOTN life if you win!

    PS- Of course, Titan says that Shadow is the greatest out of all of the dullards! Airhead
    Are you going to take that?
    Then get to recruiting!
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