Continuation Poem


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    Continuation Poem

    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16 on Sun Oct 26 2008, 15:14

    Broken Glass

    "Hinoya"...he looks upon her restful body...walking ever more swiftly to the heart of the oak tree
    She lays there...the hazelnut of her brown hair falling to the side of her face
    It sent an ominous aura around her to be sleeping or is she not of this world...

    Zyrus fidgets with the motion of his hands as he's unsure like that of the deer in the quiet meadow
    "Hinoya" he speaks as he kneels to the ground with shakeness in his voice...
    As he kneels beside her he touches her cheek suprised by the warmness that it held
    He looks upon her with his ice blue eyes blushing like the pink clouds of a sunset
    Hinoya wakes as silent like the approach of night her eyes hold a sense of despair in them
    Like a black veil has sheathed upon her eyes
    Zyrus begins to speak but nothing of an utter falls from his mouth

    Zyrus looks upon her knowing that this lovely flower is slowly withering
    The blossoming feature that she held so far away from his grasp is no longer obtainable
    Leaves fall from the vine that intertwined along the tree...
    Zyrus rested a fire lily flower over her ear and gently kissed her cheek...
    "May you rest with ease, Hinoya"
    He sat solemnly beside her...may heaven bring a better life to your seemingly extravagent self
    Her eyes drifted away into a long slumber with a small but visible smile upon her face

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    Re: Continuation Poem

    Post by Titaniumxvx on Mon Oct 27 2008, 16:22

    She died.

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