Rage and Sorrow


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    Rage and Sorrow

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Fri Oct 24 2008, 20:06

    Sorry this is so long. It took up three pages in my notebook. This is dedicated to someone who lied to me. And he died. But I'm still pissed.

    Please let this fire of rage make me forget about you.
    Please let this incineration turn me black and blue.
    Because you lied.
    How many times have I cried?
    All I ever wanted was you,
    I seriously thought you were true.

    I thought I trusted everything you said.
    I thought I could finally lift my head
    On my own again.
    I guess you were just another lie that began.
    I thought you were the one true thing.
    Someoine I could love and trust, what was I seeing?

    I know why you did it.
    Why you lied and fed me shit.
    You wanted the feeling of us between two sheets.
    Why couldn't I see your repeats?
    I loved you...
    Oh how I hate you...

    I can see why I am anti-love.
    Why every feeling went above.
    Oh how I wish I could kill
    My naivety, I've had my fill
    Of your broken down lies,
    And my apathetic sighs.

    I'm so sick of being weak,
    And trying to be so strong this week.
    I cry alone, rage-consumed otherwise.
    I've become so much more wise.
    I refuse to trust anyone.
    No one can change what I've become.

    I'm still in awe how I believed,
    That happy endings were real.
    They only happen in fairy tales.
    This is reality, not some fable.
    My reality is sorrow and rage.
    I refuse to ever change.

    I wish that I had been more aware.
    To all the lies that I couldn't hear,
    Because of you, I'm incapable of love.
    I got more than a friendly shove.
    I'm so glad you can't remember.
    Or I'd have the excuse to dismember

    Oh, I'm not evil and malevolent.
    But I'm trying so hard not to be bent.
    Too bad I've broke.
    Gauge my soul out with a fork.
    I wouldn't ever feel the pain.
    It wouldn't hurt the same.

    I'm just nothing.
    I'll never amount to anything.
    Why didn't you come out,
    And say it with some clout.
    Such a coward.
    You have no power.

    I know I'm worthless.
    But I'm not powerless.
    I'm not stupid,
    I would have noticed.
    That's just the whole thing though!
    I wouldn't have... I know...

    I hate myself so much,
    I'm not pretty, I need that crutch.
    Just to support my heavy heart.
    Can someone make me hate
    You, because I can't do it myself.
    I hate myself so much, why can't I hate you too?

    I know the full truth,
    Yet I trusted you.
    I shouldn't have let my guard down.
    I'll never trust anyone, you see.
    I can't even trust the one and only me.

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