Poem #2


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    Poem #2

    Post by amaterasu on Wed Oct 08 2008, 20:11

    I have found out who I am
    Through Christ the savior of the world.
    In him I have found peace and love, hope and a future
    and a will to continue.
    So how can I live my faith?
    will I take action or not?
    Shall I rebuke the people around me because they continue to live in darkness even after the light has presented itself to them. Should I stop hanging out with them? those who do evil in the sight of the lord?
    I do not need their acceptance nor their praise, for the only Praise I need is is from the lord for doing good in his eyes. I only need acceptance from him.
    How can I watch and let them die? But they hate the light I love, and they curse the same God I praise and sing to.
    How can I live like this? How can I let myself fall down again?
    I need to get away from these evil influences but they are everywhere I go, so I will go unto a place they cannot come to. And no matter how much they laugh now, they will grieve latter. So for now, I can only show them the path through humiliation and persistence, and hopefully lead them to Christ, which is the way to eternal life.

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