Important! Update: Jounin Exam, Chuunin Exam, Debates


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    Important! Update: Jounin Exam, Chuunin Exam, Debates

    Post by quater

    Jounin Exams

    The long awaited exams are finally here! Starting October 10th (a Saturday). Please PM me if you are a chuunin Eligible for the Jounin Exams and I will put you on the list. All names are required by October 8th if you wish to participate in the exams. No late names are accepted. On October 9th I will set up a poll for each village where the village can vote on who they wish to participate; and the top 2 members will enter the Exams on October 10th.

    Please remember to pick members you believe are loyal, helpful to the site, and that will work hard for you. Do not just pick people who you like or are popular. For your own sake. ^_^

    Chuunin Exams

    The Chuunin Exams are going to be October the following weekend of the Jounin Exam. Friday 16th of October and ending Sunday the 18th of October. Please sign up now. Also pick 2 people who you would wish to participate with. I would PM them before you PM me to make sure. But even if you have no particular teamates that is alright. Don't let not having teamates keep you from the exam. ^_^

    Now usually we have people in the Chuunin Exams recruit some ridiculous number. Last time they were expected to get 15 people in two days! I have decided to do away with that policy to some degree. Instead of recruiting people in the span of 2 days, which is pretty unbelievable and on top of getting scrolls, those who will be taking the Chuunin Exam have until Thursday, October 15th to get 10 people. You can sign up for the exams before you get all ten members, but you can't enter them till you get 10. Please PM me all the names at once of the users you have recruited(Not 1 at a time). Also, if you have two teamates you want to take it with you, help each other get to the goal so that you can all take it together. This will make up for the typical recruiting done during the exam itself. Instead it will be solely scroll based. Remember to try and get members you actually think might stay, not just make up fake accounts and claim they are new members >_> It doesn't help WOTN in the least.

    Also there will be a strict NO CHEATING ALLOWED Policy. I will be carefully monitoring and searching everything. Any cheating, from any village, from any rank, will result in an automatic demotion and disqualification from the exams. It's just smarter not to even think about it. Public Humiliation is guranteed by me as well ^_^ So represent your village well!

    Presidential Debates

    Please send me an application from your village if you would like to participate in the debates. I will accept 2 applications from each village.

    It will be simple deliberation and I will just check and see who I think is best suited. NO I will not stop someone if I dislike their views. In fact, you are more likely to be picked if you are a radical in your views, because you will be more entertaining.

    The Application is as follows.

    Rank and length of time on the site
    Your political affiliations, religious beliefs, and views on about 3 issues.
    Why you think you are a good debater or are best ready to serve your village in this debate?
    And finally, who would you vote for President.

    My goal is to take one Obama and McCain from Each Village (Indepents have a chance as well). If that doesn't happen, I apologize I am trying to be fair here. I am even going to be the moderator (Which means I wont be able to stomp the guts out of my opponents). Yes I realize a lot of people are from other countries but this is going to be a US Centric debate since it is the United States Presidential Election year. Other countries and people are encouraged to try for it, but don't get offended by the US themes.
    Depending on the speed of applications we should have the first debate Friday 3rd of October. Following every friday after that another debate. Depending on schedules though this could be up for change. So please hurry and apply. This Friday's theme is going to be the current Economic Crisis. So if you wish to try for it, I'd read up on that as much as you can. The definite rules of the debate are to be announced the day of.

    I am still accepting any names for Vice Kage's. At this rate it's first come first serve with near instantaneous acceptance.

    Good luck guys! I hope to see you at one of these events or out on the forums going for Operation Rescue WOTN! WOTN Live on! ^_^
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    Post on Mon Oct 13 2008, 18:35 by Temari

    thats it?

    Post on Mon Oct 13 2008, 18:41 by quater


    Pretty simple deal.

    You also need to tell me your teamates if you have any.

    Post on Mon Oct 13 2008, 18:43 by Temari

    ok. thanks Q. ^^

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