Devotion and Desire song fic



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    Devotion and Desire song fic

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Sun Sep 28 2008, 15:50

    It's a Devotion and Desire song fic!!! Shocked -gets hit by random objects-

    Trying to create something that’s not there…
    She walked alone this time down the street. What was there really? Nothing?

    A spark, I saw, a bomb, is just a means to an end…

    She really saw something… or… so she believed. Maybe it was just a lie.

    I was just so happy to be out of my shell again…

    For the first time in her life, she was whole again. She thought that she could stay out of her shell for the rest of her life. Think again.

    Don’t think that I really care who or what, so for now I’ll just have to keep it shut…

    She thought she cared. But, looking back, she really kinda didn’t. She just decided afterwards to stay shut.
    If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, please, stop acting like you are!

    Was he just not ready for someone like her? Someone who didn’t want to be taken care of?

    How could I know, that everything you say are lies about devotion and desire?!

    He was lying… he never wanted her… he was never DEVOTED. He had someone else in his life besides her.

    And I know the spark, inside your eyes was just the match I used to set myself on fire!

    ‘The spark was nothing!’ she realized. ‘He was lying, and he just used that to make me trust him!”

    My mouth’s shooting blanks, situation’s unbearable…

    She saw him. She could even try to speak, for now she realized what he really was.

    I’ve gotten vulnerable…

    She was stunned. He couldn’t see her. Truthfully, she didn’t want him to see her.

    Now anyone’s free to waltz right in!

    Someone stopped behind her. “Hey sweetie.” he said.

    My temple’s been invaded and there’s nobody guarding it!

    She turned. She saw him, and he had a spark in his eyes!

    All over this lonely life…

    She blinked twice. No longer alone perhaps? Did this person love her like she should be?

    But what’s so wrong with being all alone? Alone’s the only way I’ve ever known!

    There was nothing wrong with being alone… but this person… he had a spark.

    I’m pleading coz this kills and, still bleeding, my darling…

    The other, he saw. He wasn’t truly interested. But seeing the only thing he ever had… with another… was killing him. He didn’t know whether to go to her and say he loved her, even though he didn’t… or just let her be…

    I’m taking my life back, start healing.

    She turned, she saw him looking at her with a face of despair. She smirked. She was over with him. “Hi, love.” she said to her new significant other. “Ready to go?” he asked. “Yes. I am.” She smiled. She smiled back at the first, and said “I’m taking my life back.”

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