Song Remix- Im a Bitch By Merrideth Brookes


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    Song Remix- Im a Bitch By Merrideth Brookes

    Post by Tobi-A-Goodboy on Sun Sep 28 2008, 13:01

    Ok i remixed it to fit a high school student sort of. i know the second part in the first verse Doesnt rhyme.

    The world loves me today,
    I know because my teach gave me an A.
    I tried to tell you but you looked at me like mabey im a robot underneath,
    all mechanical and smart.
    Yesterday i dressed completely in black,
    you must have been suprised to see the darker side.
    I can see how youd be so confused,
    I can be dark and then be like you.
    Im just a little bit oof everything,
    all rolled into one!

    Im a nerd, Im a goth,
    An emo and a Jock.
    Im a Loner im a prep,
    Dont give a damn about my rep.
    im your love, im your hate,
    im anything you want
    you know life wouldnt be the same any other way.

    [Verse 2]
    So love me as i am.
    Being sweet or acting like a man.
    Rest ssured that when i pur,
    itll turn into a roar,
    then ya better take it back a bit,
    or ill rear and my fist will soar!

    [Reapeat chourus X2]

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