Half of ma gaara luv story


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    Half of ma gaara luv story

    Post by Tobi-A-Goodboy on Fri Sep 26 2008, 20:10

    oOK. i jus posted this here to see if people like it. if some do, i iwll post more. i also post this story on quizilla.com on my name kibasgirl145. ok now read and tell me what ya think.

    "Why was i cursed with this demon?" Thouhgt Naru as she stood in the wasted dump of corpses she had killed. That night was the full moon. The night when her cat demon, Tigera, tookover and she killed anybody who stand in her way. She had one person in her life that ever loved her, and that she loved back. His name was gaara. She had ran away fron the sand village when she thought her demon might hurt him. It wasn't untill the next day they both found out the other had a demon also. naru ran into the forest And fell asleep in a really tall oak tree. The next day she found a village she reconized as .... The Sand Village!!!! "Gaara!" She squeled running into the village. She was to busy looking for Gaara and bumped into somebody. " Watch were youre going, would you!?"said the person. " sorry. my fault. Can you help me find someone please?" Said naru. "sure." Said the person. " his name is gaara." Naru said. " did you say Gaara?" Said the person. " What? you know him?!" Said naru hopefully. "Yea. I'm Temari. His teamate and sister. who Are You?" Temari asked." I'm Naru. Naru uchiha." Said naru. "naru?! gaara talks about you all the time." Said temari. "so you know i ran away from here when i thought my demon might hurt him?" said naru. "sadly, yes. gaara said your favorite color is crimson and your favorite song ever is sk8er boi by avril." said temari. (im makeing them have avril lavinge=p) "cool. so can you take me to him?" asked naru. "sure. hes training with our brother kankuro. you might want to stay away from him hes sorta a girl fanatic." said temari. " you mean a pervert?" said naru."uhhhhhhhhhh..........Yea." said temari. "well. lets go." said naru. they started walking and talking until they got to the training grounds. then naru hid behind temari. "Gaara?" Said temari. "What!?" gaara demanded." You have a visiter." Said temari like one of those retirement home peoples."Who?"asked Gaara. "Yeah, Who?" Asked Kankuro.Temari the stepped aside revealing Naru.
    "How can i make sure?"Asked gaara."I'll prove it.
    When we were kids, we were the ones that didn't fit in. We met each other on the swings in the park. and we wrote this,
    Togheter we stand,
    One friend for ever,
    United we stand,
    Till death comes." Sang Naru, Proving who she was. "T...T..That song, we wrote that when we were 4. It really is you,"Replied Gaara."Yes, i told you it was me,"Replied Naru, Giving Gaara a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Im not trying to make you mad gaara, But your girlfriend is HOT!"whispered Kankuro in gaaras ear. "You know, i hear everthing, and thanks. Temari, you were right. he is a perv. AND IM NNOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!" Screamed Naru. "My bad..." Said kankuro under his breath to himself.
    "Yes, kankuro. it is your bad. Lesson 1, Naru Has a temper. Lesson 2, she will kill you." Said Gaara to Kankuro.
    "I Can see THAT!" Yelled Kankuro. " Lesson 3, Stay away from me, and you dont put your life on the line." Added Naru. " And Thats takes care of the lessons about me." She Finished. "Hi. Um, i think we should be going. Its getting late. " Inturupted Temari. " Okay. Naru, Do you want to stay with us for the night?"Asked Gaara, still slightly blushing. " Sure, Gaara-Kun."
    Answered Naru, Also Still slightly blushing.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FF TO 10:00 AT GAARAS HOUSE>>>>>>>>
    ~Man! I wonder why i cant sleep.~Naru thought to herself.~Probably from haveing such an exiting day.~ she thought while jumping out her window onto the roof.
    "Oh! Gaara! You scared me!"Half-screamed , Half-Laughed Naru." Hey Naru..."Said Gaara not averting his eyes from the moon."Gaara..... why are you being so quiet around me. you used to open up so much around me.Your not the same."said naru quietly as she sat down by gaara and layed a hand on his cheek, softly." of course im not..... all the darkness.... all the hate.... all of it. Its changed me to much, Naru. im a monster now. i always have been," Replied Gaara. " GAARA! Dont ever say that. youll NEVER be a monster! you never have been!!!Your not the monster. You just have one in you. The real you is really sweet. The real you would never say that." Replied naru." Naru, What is love?"Asked Gaara." Love?Love....Love... Love is when you really care for a person. When you talk to that person, you feel like you have to hold onto something to keep from floating away, and you almost die when your away from that person."Answered Naru."Naru....... I think i love you."
    Replied Gaara, standing up and cupping Narus chin in his hands."Gaara........"Started Naru,But got cut off by Gaara softly and lightly placeing his lips elagantly onto Narus. " Don't ever leave me again Naru... Never...."Whispered Gaara into naru's ear so sweetly it sent a chill up her spine."I wont......Never..... i Promise..."Whispered Naru Back, then connecting her lips with Gaaras again. THen...... Kankuro suddenly appeared on the roof! "I HEARD YELLING!!!!"he yelled, then shuting up when he saw Naru kissing Gaara."WHat the hell?"asked Kankuro as Naru and Gaara pulled away quickly."Kankuro..." Growled Gaara as he took a step torwards his purple face painted brother who was now standing on the roof with Gaara and Naru. "Hey, Its not my fault you got a girl friend,"Replied Kankuro.Naru and Gaara both blushed.

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