Operation: Rescue WOTN


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    Operation: Rescue WOTN

    Post by quater

    Okay first an update. As many of you noticed last night WOTN had some major site issues (The posting error, posts turning invisible, the sites crashing blahblahblah). Well most of that is over just a few things to note. All posts from Sunday are gone so, oh darn. There may be some double threads that's becaue the other thread locked itself because it was dominated by posts from Sunday so don't worry about it. The Forumotion Host was having some extreme difficulties but things should be better now.

    Now as for WOTN, it is really in a state of Emergency. We had, 30! members added to the site this month. Pathetic, this is our slowest month in WOTN's history. Our posting is at it's lowest since before last year. Disgraceful.

    So to enact some WOTN emergency operations (And I had so many cool things I wanted to update on WOTN this fall too =/ ) we will now be doing the following to salvage WOTN.

    • If you would like to Vice Kage for your village and set up some plans and ideas to get your village off the ground considering almost all the kage's are always offline please PM me and I will make you responsible for reenergizing your village.
    • Post. You guys should be posting anyway for the 1 million post thing (HA!) you selfish and lazy little punks. So actually do something you weasels instead of always complaining about WOTN being dead. Posting takes no energy, it's fun, and it's beneficial to everyone. I mean honestly how despicable a piece of Creation are you if you wont even do this much for us? And for the world I donate hours a day posting to keep WOTN alive so what makes you exempt from having to post some (And I am extremely busy!)? And the power a few posts can do is phenomenal.
    • Recruit. For once get off your butts and actually do it. You can advertize WOTN on another site in under 20 minutes, and PM the link of WOTN to your friends on other sites in about 2 minutes. Whats holding you back? Any recruit you get at this point will only keep WOTN alive. And yet, nothing. Pathetic. I advertize WOTN on the side about twice a day. You can do easily as much.
    • If there is any program that you think you can lead and will be able to handle, or would like to start or that has been badly neglected, please PM me and I will make you charge of it.
    • WOTN manga. If you were ever a part of the WOTN manga staff and you are still interested please PM me. If you would like to become a part of the staff PM me. And if you know someone who you think would be good on the staff have them PM me.
    • If you feel that you can do the things on this list (or some of them) and want to help WOTN even more then please join COPS or KOTP or DGEA as well and post on these sites. The more posts we sling in every direction the better all sites will do.
    • Stop inboxxing all day. I watch people come on and just inbox themselves in and never come out to post but occassionally. There is nothing with PMing but try and make some time for posting too. And if you have to pick between one or the other, remember you can answer a PM anytime, but if WOTN disappears, then you get neither.

    We are all in our own ways responsible for this but the question is will you be able to take responsibility for fixxing it? Or just let WOTN flutter into the dustbins of failed sites?

    And I am DEAD serious about this. WOTN is headed on a course for disaster and at this rate, it will not survive (Let alone flourish like we once dreamed) unless desperate measures are taken (Which I will take them) and YOU Guys try.

    For the world, if the situation doesn't improve (people continue to ignore it and people continue about as if WOTN is fine and they don't have to do anything), I will probably follow the way of the many other Kage's on WOTN. I am not gonna tie myself to a site that wont even save itself. I have lot's I need to do too, and if WOTN isn't gonna reciprocate the year and a half of work I have put into it then fine don't expect me to try forever.

    Note: This message, surprisingly, is not for everyone. There are some members who are earnestly trying to help WOTN. To those of you I praise and hope you keep it up. But I think a lot of you know it's for you. Also I posted this in several forums because of it's essential importance and I want as many people to see it as possible.

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    Post on Mon Sep 22 2008, 18:01 by quater

    Titaniumxvx wrote:
    death-chan wrote:good deal Oh Yeah!
    but titan still needs to take care of the village as well, and I the clan in return

    No, I'm going to be a lazy lout and set up a hamock in the shadow club and rest up. (Ah...)


    Thanks for the compromise Q!

    Thanks. *Adds to his list of talents : Comprimises*

    Post on Mon Sep 22 2008, 18:01 by quater

    sabaku no ketsueki wrote:^_^;;
    I usually just post in the village..........I should go to the bar more often, it seems XD

    Yes you should.

    Post on Mon Sep 22 2008, 18:27 by Darkflame

    wow Q 0_o

    Post on Mon Sep 22 2008, 18:41 by Darkflame

    and btw for those who don't know i've made it my fanclub's goal 2 recruit members, we may have only gotten 4 so far but i'm starting 2 be serious about it if ppl want ranks in my fc

    Post on Tue Sep 23 2008, 03:32 by Saruno Kazura

    Eh, wish i could help, but i don't think i could...

    I'm still getting familiar with the rules and such, i might as well since i can't do as much as i usually can do on other forums, but i guess i can live with this.

    Post on Tue Sep 23 2008, 17:52 by amaterasu

    what do you mean saruno?

    Post on Tue Sep 23 2008, 22:57 by seshimazi

    okay i jus saw the wotn manga thing u said and then i thought
    What ever happen'd to the manga section?

    Post on Wed Sep 24 2008, 04:51 by neon kun

    yeah, same question as seshi.

    Post on Wed Sep 24 2008, 17:26 by quater

    Jose accidentally deleted it and I have kept it down until the Manga is actually operational.

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