My story Ideas


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    My story Ideas

    Post by amaterasu on Tue Sep 16 2008, 17:01

    Okay, I am gonna try TRY to write some stories that I have so far, I'll probably be editing this and work on it when I'm bored. I just need a place to put them for now. Also i will take suggestions and also if you want to take anything from here your free to do so. Also I am not going to write it in full detail yet, i'm just getting my ideas down

    1. Doesn't have a name or a real setting and not really a plot yet and the characters don't have names yet

    Another day, another night of homework and free time. These thoughts were going through the mind of the main character as he was on the bus home from his high school in which he has just become sophomore. Main Character's neighborhood was a friendly place and nothing really happened in the town. Main Character decided to take a walk after finishing his homework. He finished his homework at 6:18 pm and then put on his shoes and walked out the door. Main Character's long brown hair seemed to fly in the breeze as he walked around. Main character wasn't a short guy standing at over 6'2 and had turquoise gray eyes.
    He walked over to the soccer field near his house to see what was going on. His clock said 7:00pm and nothing seemed to be going on at the feild. Main character sighed and started to walk back when he hear his named being called
    "Main Character, Main Character"
    "Who are you?" he said back to the voice, feeling kinda embarrassed to be speaking to a voice that seemed to him to be only in his head
    "I've been looking for you Main Character, it's been a long time"
    "Who are you?" Main Character repeated, getting a little afraid, he was thinking of some bad movie scenes in which the main character has to battle an old time enemy.
    " Don't you remember me?" continued the voice sounding let down "it's me"
    Now getting mad and confused Main Character yelled out "Who are you? How do you know me? Where are you? Show yourself!"
    suddenly a feeling came to him and he had the sudden urge to run out onto the pitch. As he got out into the soccer pitch, a violent gust of wind suddenly came out of nowhere and almost knocked Main Character over. As he got up he noticed that is started taking shape in the form of a dragon. It didn't all form, but The head and the arms, wings and top half of the torso was there, at least it appeared to be there.
    "Do you remember me now?" It said in the same voice that Main Character was hearing before.
    "I must be going crazy, there is no way dragons could exist." is what Main Character started saying out loud.
    "Your time has come" said the dragon, obviously ignoring the last statement by Main Character.
    "My time?....what do you mean?" replied Main Character now really confused and scared.
    "come" is all the dragon said.
    Main Character didn't understand until a door appeared in the dragon's formation Main Character walked up to the door, not knowing what he was doing and opened it and walked in. The time was 7:28

    Main Character awoke in what appeared to be an underground cavern.
    He looked up, because he was on the floor lying on his back, and saw a huge tunnel leading to a dim light. Main Character wondered if he was in the earth. Ahead of him where 8 doors and each had a symbol on it. The farthest on the on left was glowing white. Not knowing what to do, Main Character just stood there. The dragon spoke to him, but Main Character did not see him
    "Now go through your door, and come realize who you are"
    Main Character guessed he was talking about the glowing door on the left most side. He opened the door, opening his destiny and the battle for many lives. Of course Main Character had no idea at the time how much his life would change.

    * * *

    Main Character woke up in his room. It wasn't a large room, in fact it was the smallest room in his two story house. He liked it, since it was in the bottom corner of his house and his parents hardly came down. Although a bit messy, by his standards, the room had served him well. He checked the time on his clock, it read 7:40. Main Character though it was odd, 7:40 he had been at the field, to him, almost 20 minutes ago. He got up and noticed he was in bandages and pajamas. He started up the stairs and heard his parents in the kitchen making supper. As they glanced at them, they stopped what they were doing and rushed over to him hugging him tightly
    "Oh son, We thought you would never wake up" said his mom and dad at once. What startled Main Character was not only his parents reaction to him but it seemed to be morning.
    "How long have I been out?" asked Main Character
    "10 Days ago you were found on the soccer field bleeding heavily and taken to hospital. We were allowed to take you home though 2 days ago"
    All Main Character could think about was, 10 days, 10 days, 10 days, he'd been out 10 days, more than a week of school had gone by, he didn't know what happened to him and he was probably far behind in his classes. His parents were saying something about him healing really quickly and that he should be able to move around in the next day or two.
    After getting his parents out the door, Main Character went back to sleep and slept for the entire day and night. The next morning came and Main Character rose almost too hyper. He showered and dressed, packed his lunch and books, than said good bye to his parents and went to school. He was the only one at his bus stop, but it wasn't surprising since he usually was the only one and hardly anyone took his bus since the new bus transfer agreement around his town had taken place. No one seemed to have noticed him gone and he stared blankly out the window for the 15 minute drive to school.

    Main Character entered through the main doors and turns right, then a left and went down the hallway and turns right at the end and arrived at his locker, on the ride side. Main Character's first class didn't start for another hour, so he decided to find his friends. He arrived at the cafeteria and saw them playing cards. As soon as they saw him they welcomed him back to school and asked what had happened to him. As he explained that he had no sweet clue what happened to him, they left it at that and went on talking about pears, or mice or something. Main Character fell into his thoughts and thought about the field, he heard a voice, a tunnel, but nothing more.

    The first period went by uneventful, second followed suit afterward. But during third period, theater arts, he discovered that they were doing sword fights. As he missed the passed ten days he was thrown into a group and expected to know what to do. His team told his the basics and demonstrated how to do them. And soon they wanted to test it out on him.
    "Okay i'm going to stab you, try to block it" said one of his team members.
    He went for the stab, and Main Character's body reacted, he rolled to right still standing up and swung at his teammates head stopping narrowly close to bashing his skull. Main Character withdrew amazed and startled and wondered how he did that, which is what another one of the members asked him
    "I dunno, it just happened" was his answer.
    He was then kicked out of the group and forced to practice by himself. Just before lunch, Main Character felt a sting in his head, he fell to his knees clenching his head in agony. He could feel some horrible, something evil, and it was coming towards him, it was coming fast.

    Suddenly it dropped down, in front of school, he could feel it. Of course he had no idea what it was. So he rushed out to see what the dark feeling was and what he saw made him drop to his knees in terror. A giant black beast whose right arm was a drill and it's left arm a deformed shield. A armored head looking like old Greek armor with red eyes and it's body was darkness, It legs were 1000 times bigger than that of a intense weight trainer. It had a tail that was all scaly. It was also deformed and without equality. Once Main Character got over his initial reaction to this monster he could hear it make noises, he didn't know what kinda noise, whether he was speaking or something. Suddenly in the most dreadful voice, like that of a demon it said
    it's voice made Main Character shutter, it's voice wasn't anything nature made. He started trembling very hard. He barely heard the intercom stating a lock down for the school because of this monster.

    The monster saw Main Character and ran towards him with inhuman speed, Main Character new it was the end, nothing could match this thing, the feeling it gave off alone would stop any army in the world today. The monster appeared behind Main Character and bashed him from behind with it's left arm, the shield, and sent him flying out into the school's front field. Main Character felt bones break and he started screaming in pain, which seemed to make the monster smile. The monster's right arm started spinning making the most terrible sound which made Main Character scream even more. The Monster lifted up it's right arm and swung it down, Main Character was still screaming from pain and he waited to die. But death never came, The Monster had stopped in mid swing and a heavy wind was coming out of his drill. Main Character felt his bones somehow go back into place and he could move around.
    Suddenly memories of the past pushed into Main Character's head, of him standing in front of a giant white dragon.
    "The time has come, take this sphere" said the dragon
    a completely white sphere came out of the dragon's mouth and landed in Main Character's hands
    "What do I do with this?" he asked the dragon
    "infuse it with your body" replied the dragon
    Main Character slammed the sphere int his chest and a bright light appeared, blinding Main Character. When the light disappeared the dragon was gone, but Main Character felt a strange power in him, one he never felt before.

    Main Character looked back at the monster, it looked scared, he could hear police cars down the road. Not fully knowing what he was doing he threw a punch at the monster. The distance was too great for him to actually hit it, but it flew back anyway. It crashed into the ground about 6 meters away from him. Main Character couldn't believe what just happened and didn't know how he sent that monster flying.
    Then he heard the dragon but he couldn't see him.
    "You are a warrior of the wind Main Character, you have been given the power to freely control the wind."
    The dragon appeared before him as a shadow and it turned into a sword
    "Take this sword of the winds, it will help you along your way, with it, my powers will be passed along to you".
    Main Character reached out and grabbed the sword. Then he saw the monster getting up. He didn't quite understand but he knew that he could defeat this monster and hat was what he was going to do. He ran at the monster, took out the sword of the winds, which seemed to be by his side now, and ran passed the monster cutting off his right arm. The monster screamed in pain and it's right arm started burning with a black fire. Main Character turned around and gathered his strength into his sword and swung it sending a blast of wind towards the monster cutting him into many pieces which then burned with the same black flame.
    Exhausted from fighting, the sword of the winds disappeared into the breeze, and Main Character collapsed on the ground.

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