Lovers under a full moon


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    Lovers under a full moon

    Post by Luke123 on Wed Jul 30 2008, 18:28

    Both Freddie and Luke stood under a full moon. "Ah how lovely" says freddie. "Yeah" says luke. Luke held on to freddies arm tightly. "I love you" he wispered. A gulb was all freddie could say. He began to race with sweat. The two went up on a hill. Luke unbuttoned both there shirts before lyeing down on the ground. Freddie was unaware of what was to come on the full moon night. Luke began softly kissed freddie. Then the two engaged in a tongue war. Sweat dripping from them both. They knew they were both tired and had to huryy up. "I love you saud Luke" "Me too" said Freddie The lovers both walked towards the street saying goodbye.

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