Going Under


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    Going Under

    Post by namine on Tue Jul 29 2008, 04:09

    She sat in the deserted house, even though all the other were exactly the same; deserted, dark, and lonely. 'Well,' She thought picking off a few leaves on her clothes, 'it's been a few day since the wipe-out. It's about time I went looking for survivors.' The "Wipe-Out" as she called it started when she was eleven, when only a couple died a year until her 20th birthday when almost everyone died at once. She kept wondering why her neighbors, friends, family, and everyone else were dead, but they ignored her? She got up and fixed herself while she trotted down the stairs and out the door. She managed to forge some weapons from a few shops to defend herself, even if she didn't need them. Like she always said, 'It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it'. As she closed the door behind her out old habit, she looked to the dull, grey sky. Beyond the thick layer of sadness and depression, there was a great blue sky that matched with a bright yellow sun. She directed her attention back to the area around her and saw something beyond the trees and darkness. 'Impossible! There shouldn't be anything living unless it's one of those things.' The thing got closer to her with each passing moment. She prayed that it was an animal or a survivor, but she knew in the back of her head that it wasn't either one. It was going to be her first encounter with one of the murderers and they both knew something bad was going to happen; even if it wasn't to eachother.

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