AIM Adventures! Part 2: UndercoverQuater and the Colossus



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    AIM Adventures! Part 2: UndercoverQuater and the Colossus

    Post by quater on Mon Jul 28 2008, 13:29

    So I went over to that one site, as I posted in the last thread. And I made an account called Undercover Quater. They had a thread dedicated to me, and surprisingly they spotted me out dead away (I think it's because Super Cool Bano gave me away what with such an obvious name)

    But thanks to the efforts of the Gallant Claud we were able to save the troops sent over there.

    So here was my RPG character following their super COOL format

    Reason for creation: Because I can't drink an internet cherry coke without an internet throat, and thus I need an internet character. Plus I love Roleplay. I am the King at it. And Qronium is a new element on the Periodic Table, and so I will be stronger then Diamond. Freedom!
    General looks: He is a short guy, who is tall. His height is matched only by his blue eyes. And though eyes as black as an abyss, he is muscular as an Ox! He is built tall and gangly with no muscles. But don't let that fool you! He is overall kinda weak. He hates Sodas, especially cherry ones.
    Powers: He has the power to control Aerodynamics and Geometry (What a nerd!)
    Placement in game: Blue Elf!

    Now apparently they had an RP forum where you tell stories about stuff happening in the Legend of Zelda games. Yep, and people wonder why I am against Roleplay on WOTN. Anyway, here was my story under the thread "Gather Around"

    Gather round and hear the tale!

    The tale about the day!

    The day when the tale commenced!

    Okay so I was like, in the forest.

    And I saw a polar bear.

    So I was like. Dude, why are you here?

    And he was like "AHH! My home was global warmed! This used to be the north Pole"

    And I was like no bro, it's dallas Texas

    And he was like "Grr! Now I am gonna eat ya!"

    And I was like Bro! Eat is just tea time backward.

    So we had some marshmellows and went camping.

    At first we weren't close friends. He smelled. But boy I grew to be good friends with that Polar Bear.

    Then one day, a Helicopter broke down my garage door.

    And I was like, AHH! Use the Door bell!

    And it was like, "We are police, give us the polar bear it belongs in a zoo"

    And so I said goodbye to him.

    He then went on a rampage and killed 8 onlookers, the helicopter, and my neighbor's cat.

    But I will never forget what I learned about friendship from him.

    And this is my tale.

    Oh yeah Zelda was at the tea time! ^_^

    Apparently these and along with me telling the moderator on my "Quater" thread that everyone there was "Probably pretty stupid" Got me banned.


    So here you go, AIM Adventures Part 2. I know I know, I am a pretty good writer eh? Just comes to me.

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