The Arcade and the Arcadiums



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    The Arcade and the Arcadiums

    Post by quater

    As you may have noticed we now have an Arcade on the site. Wooh for another WOTN much needed update.

    Alright the arcade has a few rules. I will kinda brush over the basics. First, Shugo, who we can all give a round of thank yous to for his donated time on this project, is the leader of the arcade. It would have been impossible without him, (Or at least taken forever). Shugo is also the lead of the Arcade and it's rules.

    The Arcade is for fun. We have some games up now, and over time it will just get larger and larger. If you dislike the Arcade. That's your problem you kill joy.

    However, the Arcade is NOT going to be open to everyone. We decided it'd be more fun to make you guys work for it. WOTN has been REALLY slow lately growing. So now you guys have something to actual fight for to get there while you work on your day to day recruiting (I kill me).

    You must get 6 NEW recruits (In otherwords recruits from the past do not qualify) to get access. When The Recruits are recruited, Send to Shugo or a Kage the names of the 6 new people you have gotten. We will then add you to the Arcadiums. These are those members who are able to see and play the Arcade.

    Can permission get denied to the Arcade after it has been won? Sure. Those who disobey rules could see this as an alternative punishment to a Ban. Also, complaints about the Arcade can see you kicked from it. To get back in, you must recruit 6 more users.

    The arcade may also seen given away to people who work really hard or win competitions.

    Now we wont pretend the Arcade is perfect. But for site downtime, it will probably be fun to go to instead of just signing out. It was requested by some users, and people seemed to like the idea so here goes a try at it. Good luck getting the recruits guys.
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    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 19:29 by Shugo

    yeah and there will be no spam in the game request thread you spam in there you get only one personal warning do it again and your gone theres a area to spam so dont spam there

    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 21:57 by -j0$3-

    And Im backing Shugo up on that one.
    So spam and see what happens. Anyone wanna be made an example?
    Oh Yeah!

    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 23:27 by Shugo

    awesome well we will make it awesome btw theres one game thats multi player

    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 23:28 by Angelic Harmony

    OOoh, thats so awsome!!! OOOH! Myspace is the PERFECT place for recruits :D


    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 23:32 by quater


    When enough users join this.

    We will make it also available to have it's own IRC chat or a chatbox, and we will also make it so that it can host some servers for real multiplayer games and computer and video games, so that people can always find and play with other WOTNers.

    Games like Stick Arena for example.

    But right now we need people to work on getting those recruits so we can get it to that level ^_^

    Post on Fri Jul 04 2008, 23:44 by KarateKeyaQ

    Oh cool ;D Arcade!
    -goes to try and recruit-

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 00:26 by KatannaSan


    Wow, this site is really growing...


    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 08:50 by Claud-kun

    Ooh, what a cool incentive to recruit. I will put more effort in it for sure ^_^

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 09:46 by -j0$3-

    Claud your sig is awesome

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 09:52 by Claud-kun

    Thanks Pepe ^_^

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 09:52 by -j0$3-


    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 10:01 by Claud-kun


    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 10:51 by quater

    I am annoyed.

    2 people voted this was a bad idea.

    Sure, no big deal that's what the poll is for.

    But freedoming explain what you meant by no if you think it's a bad idea.

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 10:53 by Fakeout

    i say yes. it was my idea! Pissed

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 10:59 by quater

    ^You'd think he'd be happier his idea got accepted but naw.

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 11:05 by Fakeout

    i'm happy about it, but the thing said that 'few ideas would get considered, and even fewer would get accepted, but for those who do, they would get +25 on each stat'

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 11:08 by Fakeout

    my bad..... seriously my bad.

    i had no stats when i wrote that last one

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 11:10 by quater

    And I gave you more then 25...


    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 11:13 by Fakeout

    and i thank you.

    i'm not complaining or anything, i'm just quoting.

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 13:50 by Shugo

    dont worry Q hes just lost XD

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 15:25 by Darkflame

    i'll get my 6 at camp, and if we switch villages do we lose the arcarde?

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 16:46 by Menchimonster

    Love the irc multiplayer idea, didn't think of that

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 17:25 by quater

    You shouldn't D Flame

    And yeah I thought that was a good addition too Menchi. I remembered playing those games on the CR IRC and thought we should try it on WOTN too when we get about 20 or 30 members.

    So quick recruit and join so the arcade can be BALLIN ^_^

    Post on Sat Jul 05 2008, 19:47 by -j0$3-

    Please dont just Pm The kages one by one members who you have recently recruited. Just wait until you have all 5 down and then pm your kage or me or Q with all 5 names.
    It would help alot =D

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