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    Post by Choushi on Mon Jun 30 2008, 22:18

    man, i havent wrote in here for years....ok months actually...but it has been a long time since i even posted in this section...but anyways i was thinking about writing again...and i didnt want it to just be me...( a lot of you might already know) i procrastinate...i actually would want to know who would like to join me in writing a new ff...and i'll see if we cant liven the forums a bit with some deep dramas or intense action stories...heck it might not even b a ff...

    but if yall wanna join...tell me by pming me...or

    if you want to just spit out some knowlege or ideas up on here...feel free

    i know when i work wit doesnt end up good..not that i hate people..but i get less dedicated for sum reason...but im willing to try

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