Just something i had in my head.



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    Just something i had in my head.

    Post by _Crissi_ on Wed Jun 11 2008, 10:08

    Ok this i dunno what you'd think of it but its more of a film in ma head its like a combo of many animes i watch but done in my way.

    its in chapters and also i think to see it the way i do you'd have to have great imagination.

    i know its not that good but tell me anyway if youwant me to post up the next chapter.

    Chapter 1

    ĎJust another day and just another lesson at the Moon Academy and things were rather quite. All the students had a exam every hour for a week, I mean thatís like 9 tests a day just think of the stress and anxiety of getting through the next exam without dying or falling in front of a friend and having them laugh in your face or worse, behind your back. The Moon Academy has 5 rules:

    Rule number one-fight for what you believe in,

    Rule number two- if you cant do it try again,

    Rule number three- never go into the room of shadows,

    Rule number four Ė you donít need friends or your family they are just burdens and the last rule,

    Rule number five-your ghost is nothing but a weapon to friend it is to weaken you.

    So I suppose youíve noticed this is no normal school, itís a school for the ghost ninja. oh yer ghost ninja are ninjas with a ghost that is either a burden to them or a member of their past, The ghosts ability is to use the ninjas brain to fight, in other words being able to fight with your eyes closed but to see with your brain instead. Most Ghosts take the form of a small egg like thing with a similar look to their ninja master, they glide near the brain were they can take control but yet to be the ones under control, if you know what I mean. So I think I should tell you a bit about my ghost choshi, well first of choshi is the ghost of my grandpa he was slaughtered in the lunar battle between the Sun and the moon ninjas many years ago. The battle was over the yin and yang crystal that controls the time and life on the earth although what happened to the crystal is still a mystery; it just kinda vanished when the battle had ended. People say it feeds of the fury and anger on earth which makes it stronger and when the world is at war again it will choose a host. Someone it will plant its self in to contain the power, the person chosen is always of random it was sed that an orphan girl possessed it last time but I donít believe so I think it would choose someone powerful, the best ninja in the world and ofcorse it will be me.í
    kiba inuzuka

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    Re: Just something i had in my head.

    Post by kiba inuzuka on Wed Jun 11 2008, 14:57


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