The Legend Of Rikimaru(intro)chapter 1


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    The Legend Of Rikimaru(intro)chapter 1

    Post by crack2 on Sat Mar 15 2008, 11:16


    In a time when ninjas thrived over japan there was a ninja named Rikimaru whos life from childhood was a nightmare. When Rikimaru was a young ninja, his clan was destroyed by a missonary ninja with a bronze katana, and on the handle of the katana their was words embeded, saying Sei naru tsurugi(holy sword). The young Rikimaru, saw the massacre of his clan and his mother and father.Rikimaru was stunned when seeing the bronze sword pierce through his father and mother at once. The ninja wore a tengu mask so Rikimaru couldnt see his real face.The ninja spotted Rikimaru, the ninja desappeared before Rikimarus eyes.The ninja appeared behind Rikimaru then gave him a black katana with words on da handle saying akuma tsurugi(demon sword).The ninja disappeared again but now off to the shadows.Rikimaru was so shocked he fainted.Rikimaru soon grew up and survived on his own from childhood that was his clans specailty to survive.Then when he was a teen he trained and chose his path,the path to find the ninja and kill him,but most of all why did the ninja keep him alive with his black katana.He had many battles but none lead to the ninja he wanted to kill,but soon he made his way to Eichgo he incounters a ninja that knows of the ninja he wants to kill.So the story really starts on a roof top of a ramen shop.


    The sun rises the eyes of Rikimaru eyes

    ramen shop owner: hey hey mr. you cant sleep here

    Rikimaru: ill get off damn it just hold on shit cant get a good sleep around here

    Rikimaru jumps off the roof and makes his way to monks house on the east side of Eichgo.About an hour later Rikimarui makes it to the monks house he drops to his knees and bows in front of the monks shed.

    Monk: wht do u want ninja

    Rikimaru:i need info on a ninja with a bronze katana and a tengu mask

    Monk: hahah ur going down a dark path ninja..Well i fav heard rummers that he was in the land ronin.

    Rikimaru:*what is he doing there* thank u monk heres 5 gold coins for your help.

    Monk: hey u listen ninja u didnt here this shit from me

    The monk winks,then Rikimaru smiles.later Rikimaru got some fish to eat,and mad a fire in the local woods of Eichgo.He sat down for hour intell the evening time.Well he was thinking on why the missionary ninja was in the land of ronin, his ninja since detected a ninja near by Rikimaru pulls out a kunai from his pack of ninja tools and draws it towards him in a defensive stance the ninja jumps in front out of the dark trees and and throws needles and Rikimaru .but he deflects them.Suddenly a clone of rikimaru appeared behind the ninja and kick the ninja twice make the ninja hit the ground fast and hard, Rikimaru attacked swiftly as soon as the dust cleared from the impact of the ninja hitting the ground Rikimaru pierce the ninja on the side of the ninjas shoulder on stuck him to a tree.

    Rikimaru: ha your weak you didnt kno i set up a clone to look out for danger.its just that my clone didnt atack intell the right time. so who sent you?

    ninja: ha but you didnt kno i set up 8 clones just incase this happins haha

    The ninja grabs Rikimaru tight

    ninja:clones attack!!!!!!

    Rikimaru*shit how the hell i get caught by this attack*

    The clones all attacked at once and stabbed Rikimaru with their kunais,but wait Rikimaru blow up into smoke

    ninja: what a clone!!

    Rikimaru: im here

    Rikimaru jumps out from the trees lands on a on clones head stabs it with a kunai jumps off grabs the arm of the next clone swing the clone and throw it to a tree..A clone behind him trys a high jump kick Rikimaru ducks and uppercuts the clone ,the he throws his kunai at another clone piercing it.he quicklys dodges and blocks the clones attack one foot of the clone comes straight down to Rikimarus head but he catches it swings the clone quick jabs the clone in front of him dodges the next clones attack he blocks to the left and right backing up as the clone puts more press on Rikimaru,then rikimaru pulls outa shuriken and jumps back then throws the shuriken at the head and mid body of the clone..Then Rikimaru makes another clone appear near the two remaining clone witha ninja explosive tag..BOOMMMM

    Rikimaru:hahah that was a little tougher then i thought


    Rikimaru: so who sent u??

    The ninja to scared to look into rikimarus eyes,rikimaru pressing the kunai even more into the ninjas shoulder..

    ninja: aaaaa ok ok it was Oda

    Rikimaru has a confused look on his face

    Rikimaru: who da hell his Oda?

    ninja: Oda said you might be looking for him he said you have a black katana

    Rikimaru *thats him Oda ishis name huh* does he have a katana of bronze ?

    ninja:yes he does aaaa he does its really bright

    Rikimaru: i dont need u no more ill show you the akuma tsurugi

    ninja: no please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rikimaru: dont be a bitch take it like a man

    Rikimaru: pulls ok the akuma tsurugi from his back and quickly slices the ninja into five peaces.

    Rikimaru: so Oda i finally know your name haha.

    So Rikimaru made his way on to the land of ronin with a evil grin on his face.

    Rikimaru: im coming for you



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