My Troublesome Naruto Talkshow-Ep 4


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    My Troublesome Naruto Talkshow-Ep 4

    Post by amayakuromichi12 on Thu Feb 07 2008, 09:26


    Deidara:*walks on stage*Hey...un

    Ri: Shikamaru! *hands shogi set* um... Happy early/belated birthday? *gives innocent smile*

    Shikamaru:*takes*thanks...its only the tenth shogi board I own now

    Ri:Where's RK?

    Shikamaru: She's probably in the back... I'll go get her.

    Deidara:She's not back there,yeah,I checked

    Ri: o.O;; Where would that girl be?

    Shikamaru: Don't look at me.

    RK:poof! Here I am!

    Ri: Hey RK, just wondering where you were.

    RK:Um....I was burning all my pics of Shikamaru

    Ri: o.O;; why??

    RK:Cause he's mean and broke up with me.Like I care anyways,I was gonna do it

    Ri: Shikamaru, why'd you break up with her??

    Shikamaru:She's lying!

    RK:Oh yeah,he's right...Shikamaru,I'm breaking up with you

    Ri: *turns to RK*why'd YOU break up with HIM?

    RK:Cause I hate him

    Ri: i thought... nvm, anyways, who's on our show this week Shikamaru?

    Shikamaru:Naruto,Kiba,Shino,and Hinata

    Ri: Speaking of them... where are they?

    Deidara: Maybe.. we should go look for them?

    RK:Yeah,but I know where Naruto is already.

    Ri: I have a feeling as well. We should find the others first. They're closer!

    RK:K,but Deidara,you stay here

    Deidara: Fine, un..

    Ri: Comon everyone. Let's go find Shino! *runs out the door*

    RK:Alright!*follows Ri-chan*

    **Shino's House**

    Ri: We're finally here... *waits for others*

    RK: Yeah,finally!

    Shikamaru:*pant*Don't run next time

    Ri: Aww... the poor Chuunin is tired? ^^ Well, let's go in!

    RK:*already at door,then rings doorbell*

    Ri: uh.. is he even home? *tries to look through window* UWAAA~ *runs behind shika*

    Shino:*opens door and rubs eyes*Hm?Wh*yawn*at...?

    Ri: *points at window* Tarantula! T.T

    RK:*looks at Shino*AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE SPIDERS!!

    Ri: *still hiding behind Shikamaru* Me too T.T

    Shikamaru: You guys are scared of.. spiders?.. -___-

    RK:*still standing in front of Shino*AHH!!

    Shino:I'll go get dressed,I suppose...

    Ri: Please do.. *stays 10 feet away from house*

    Shino:*walks inside*

    Shibi:*walks outside*

    RK:AHH!!BIGGER SPIDER!!!!*faints*

    Ri: UWAAA! DEI~~~ *runs away*

    Shikamaru:Relax!Ri-chan,get back here!

    Ri: *hides behind shika and peers over shoulder* T.T spider...

    Shikamaru:RK,get up.You're not fooling anybody

    Ri: *goes over to RK and pokes her forehead* hehe

    RK:*opens one eye*I'll get up if you'll be my boyfriend*closes eye*

    Ri: *looks at both; head moving side to side*

    Shikamaru:Just get very troublesome...

    Ri: I bet she's going to say-

    RK: No!

    Ri: See?

    Shikamaru:I hate you,RK.

    Shino:*has been watching this whole thing*...Are we going?

    Ri: Yea, we shouuld be going.. ^^;;

    RK:YAY!!*jumps up and starts running to Naruto's house*

    Ri: Not so fast.. -0-;; *pulls RK back* We're going to have to go to Kiba's house next. It's closest to here.

    RK:YAYZ!!*runs next door*

    Hinata:*answers the door*

    RK:Excuse me,miss,but do you know where Inuzuka Kiba lives?

    Ri: o.O;; Nevermind then. Hinata lives closest? Wait.. Hinata.. that isn't your house..

    RK:Hinata?What are you doing at Kiba's house?


    Ri: hey Akamaru *pets head* KIBA! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!

    Kiba:Way ahead of ya!*already at Naruto's house,yelling across the village*

    Ri: Hm.. we have Shino, Kiba and Akamaru, and Hinata. Yes, naruto, here we come! *runs after Kiba*

    RK:*picks Shikamaru up bridle style*Let's go,lazy bones!*starts running*

    Shikamaru:RK-chan!People are watching!

    Ri: Haha *watches them in amusement*

    Shikamaru: *ignores Ri-chan*Put me down,Veronica!

    RK:*turns white and drops Shikamaru*don'!!!

    Ri: o.O;; *seperates both* hey, kiba's getting further. Let's go!


    RK:From what?



    Kiba:BEHIND YOU!!!!!


    Ri: uwaaa! *runs faster*

    RK:*runs faster than Kiba&Akamaru combined**still carrying Shikamaru*


    Ri: whoa.. strength...

    **Naruto's House**

    Ri: *bangs on door* NARUTO! OPEN UP!

    Kiba: *sighs* we've been trying for over 1/2 an hour. Give it up.

    RK:pshhaw!Watch this*pokes door and it falls*

    Shikamaru and Ri:*sweatdrop*

    RK:*walks in*HE'S OUT COLD!!

    Ri: *looks at the mountain of empty ramen bowls* omg...

    RK:*spots one uneaten ramen**picks up*

    Kiba: It's a mess in here... and it smells

    Ri: *pokes Naruto* neh, Naruto, wake up..

    RK: *takes ramen bowl*What she said!*dumps ramen on Naruto's head*

    Ri: O_O What was that for RK??

    Naruto:What?!Is it Sasuke again?!?Dattebayo?!

    Ri: *helps naruto get ramen off his hair* Again?.. -.-

    Kiba:Come on,Naruto!We're already late and you don't wanna keep Hinata waiting,do you?

    Ri: yeah, comon Naruto *turns to Naruto*

    Naruto: zzz *snores*

    Kiba and Shino: -.-

    RK:WAKE UP OR THE RAMEN GETS IT!*holds a kunai up to a ramen bowl*

    Ri: I don't think he's going to have to worry about that... *points to closet full of ramen* =.=

    RK:ok,you got me there!But...there isn't more than one of this!*holds kunai to Sakura's neck*

    Ri: mreh.. go ahead.. i need to see some blood anyways.

    Naruto: *wakes up* NO! SAKURA-CHAN~!

    Sakura:Eek!Get me out of here!!

    Ri: This is taking forever -.-

    RK:You're right!*drops Sakura**pulls Naruto out of bed*

    Ri: *helps RK* Naruto, put on your shoes -.-

    RK:And take off that hat! You look like an idiot!

    Naruto:I wear this hat every night...

    Ri: Awww. Don't be so mean RK. *plays with Naruto's hat* It's cute! ^^

    Kiba: Yeah it is, but we don't have time to talk about how cute the hat is! Come on, Akamaru! * runs out door headed for talkshow place*


    Ri: *waits for others* what is taking them so long??

    Naruto&Shino:Ow ow ow ow ow!

    Ri: O_O; what happened? *already walking away*

    RK: *drags Naruto and Shino out the door by their ears* They deserve this!*drops at Ri-chan's feet*

    Ri: -.-;; *grabs both of their ears and starts running back* go get the others? ^^

    RK: Fine...OW!!

    Shikamaru: Hinata's already ahead, and Kiba too, and I'm pulling you there*holding RK by ear,pulling her along*

    Ri: *running; lets go of their ears in mid-air* tch. hurry up you two

    RK:Make us!! Shikamaru, will you be my bf?*still being pulled along*

    Shikamaru: Troublesome..

    Ri: I meant Naruto and Shino >.>

    RK:oh..and HEY!! Fine! I don't wanna be your girlfriend anyway. I like Sam now!

    Ri & Shikamaru: *stares* Sam?

    RK: Oops...*starts running towards the studio place*


    Ri: Finally, we're all back here.

    RK:YEAH!! Now I'm going to call Sam because I'm bored...

    Deidara: What took you guys so long?

    Ri: .. Getting Naruto out of bed. >.>

    RK: *picks up phone**dials #*Hello? Is Sam there?*completely ignoring Ri-chan's conversation*

    Ri: ok, the infamous question. What's your favorite color? :3

    RK: *puts hand over phone* Green and Orange!

    Naruto: ORANGE!

    Shikamaru: Green...

    Shino: ...

    Akamaru: ARF!

    Ri: uh... favorite food?

    RK: *is talking on phone then puts hand over again* Chocolate!

    Ri: Chocolate? -.-;;

    Naruto: RAMEN!

    Shikamaru: Fried Mackeral and Kelp

    Kiba: Beef jerky and gristle

    Ri: Hinata's been quiet all this time O_O;;

    Hinata: g-gomen...

    Ri: What/who's most closest to you?

    RK: *hangs up* And I am sorry...that's all the time we have today.Goodbye everybody!

    Ri: *mutters* lucky hinata.. BYE!

    Shikamaru: *cracks* GOODBYE!!* starts skipping and jumping and saying goodbye a lot of times*

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