My little piece of heaven chapter 4




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    My little piece of heaven chapter 4

    Post by Saiyo on Sun Jan 06 2008, 19:43

    hour after leaving Suna and what's left of my family, Gaara and I are
    crossing the dessert. Gaara had thought it would be better to walk, so
    as to give us longer away. No one had talked since we hit the dessert
    sands. I remained quiet because I had reverted to my silent mood that
    was a usual thing since a week after being put into the hell hole. I
    had no idea why Gaara was silent. He likely had a lot of questions, but
    then why wasn't he asking them? Probably thinks I won't answer. Then
    again why wouldn't I? He was my best friend before I was taken away...
    no... he wasn't just my best friend... he was my only friend. I guess I
    should trust him enough to show what little emotion I had left. I turn
    my head to face Gaara who is walking beside me and open my mouth to say
    something. He is looking at the ground and has a look of concentration
    set upon his face. Not the best time to disturb him. I turn to face
    ahead once again and space out letting my senses drift. The smell of
    sand, the heat of the sun on my head and shoulders, the sound of
    Gaara's steps beside me and the mild smell of him just starting to
    sweat. All these came into sudden focus as my senses drifted, I could
    almost feel his thoughts as they circle around his mind in a muddle of
    curiosity and uncertainty. Something else suddenly enters my senses.
    It's a strange smell and I don't recognize it at first but then it hits
    me like a cinder block. The smell is of moisture and vegetation in
    other words..." A forest. Seems we crossed the dessert faster than I thought we would"Gaara's
    voice pierces into my senses as well and my eyes are torn from the
    forest and directed to him. His voice had almost seemed to be sorrowful
    like he was disappointed that we were finally getting some new scenery.
    I want to ask why he seems sad but something new comes into the
    picture. My head jerks around so I'm facing the forest once again and
    my ears perk up, alert to every sound. I sniff the air. Moisture and
    vegetation... but then a hint of flesh... human flesh... and then the
    sent of blood... lots of blood. The sent is so strong that if it wasn't
    for growing up around it, it would have bothered me. Gaara tenses at my
    side. He is staring at me. Even if I'm wearing baggy clothing it's easy
    to tell that under my long black turtle neck shirt the muscles in my
    arms were pulled tight and ready. My legs tense as well under my baggy,
    black, cargo pants as I move them into a fighting stance. There is
    defiantly something not human in that forest. The smell of human flesh
    and blood had been that of it's victim and I only now could smell the
    monster's rotting flesh. This was no place for the kazekage to be. I
    look back at him and signal for him to fall back a ways, back into the
    dessert. He may have the ultimate defense and be the kazekage, but as
    his body guard this was my battle and not really worth his time or
    effort. Gaara seems to have understood because he starts backing away
    back towards a high sand dune. He would watch from there in case I
    needed help. He looks at me one last time, his eyes concerned. I nod to
    him then motion for him to move faster before I turn back towards the
    forest. I run my hand lightly over the Suna head band on my side
    reminding myself what my mission in life is now... and what i am
    protecting, then regain my fighting stance. I bring up my gloved hands
    in front and slightly to each side of my face to keep my vision clear
    but still having a defense. My hands are slightly open and each finger
    ending in a strong sharp nail is tense and ready to rend flesh from
    bone. I sharpen my eye sight and look thru the thick brush scanning the
    forest for it. Luckily it hadn't noticed me yet, mostly because I was
    keeping my chakra aura to a minimum. As my eyes finally land on the
    dark, slimy, rotten flesh of it's back I smirk and make my aura blaze
    to fifty percent of my full power. Instantly the creature whips around
    facing the dessert. It's blood red, glowing eyes are on me and waves of
    malice come wafting towards me. This was going to be more of a battle
    of our auras then a physical fight. I could tell because when
    threatened by a blast of aura an enemy only returns a blow of aura if
    it intends to battle with it. My smirk widens into a full out
    sadistically, murderous grin and it comes out of the forest and sends
    another wave at me. I let it hit me. The waves flow over me and I
    shiver as I think of the blood spills to come. Just as the last of it's
    waves passes over me harmlessly I send one of my own at it. Just one...
    One full of hate, malice, anger and blood lust. Unlike the deformed
    creature's aura waves, my wave clings to me for seconds, lighting up my
    body and causing an updraft around me. My clothing moves lightly in the
    draft and my hair does the same. I plant my feet, shoulder width apart
    and stand at my full hight. My grin widens and so do my eyes with
    murderous intent so strong that my pupils are only dark slits against
    their bright background. Suddenly I let go of the aura and it blasts
    towards the creature pulling clothing, hair and limbs forward slightly
    with it. As soon as it leaves my body I disappear and speed after it
    reappearing again behind the creature right before the wave hits it.
    The creature lets out a high pitched scream as I pass, it's arm
    disappears. It the goes silent as the wave passes over it. For what
    seems like hours (but in truth is only seconds) everything but the
    steady drip of blood coming from the severed arm in my hand, freezes.
    Then just as suddenly as my attack had been made the creature makes one
    last sound, a shallow gurgle, then bursts into tinny pieces of dark
    rotten flesh. It's blood, pulled back from the force of the wave
    splashes against my back and on the ground around me. I sigh as I drop
    the creature's arm. It hadn't lasted long enough, but I guess that's
    what I get for using that much of my chakra... even if it was only a
    small amount... With one last sigh I inferno step back to Gaara, mildly
    surprising him for a moment. I look at him with a bored expression and
    motion that we can continue on our way. Gaara starts walking with me as
    I head back toward the forest."Didn't last long enough? or just not strong enough to get a thrill?"Gaara
    asks from my side. Judging from his voice he seemed to understand how I
    was feeling at the moment. I simply nod. It seems that my silent mood
    had turned into being a mute. For the rest of the time that it took us
    to get to Konoha it didn't matter what he'd ask or even how complex the
    answer to his question was, I would always answer with gestures. I was
    almost wondering if I even had a voice anymore. Gaara didn't seem to
    mind though. I guess he was just happy with getting any reaction at all
    out of me.At one point the question of how many people I had
    killed came up. He had seemed more interested in this question that any
    other he had asked because even though I took quite a while to answer
    he continued to stare intently at me. I had had to think about it, at
    the times of killing I hadn't been counting but now I could seem to
    remember every murder... every bloody slash... and every pain filled
    scream. I had started counting out on my fingers and Gaara's eyes
    widened as I started counting into the eighties, then nineties. I
    realized then that if I included the creature from a couple of days
    back I had killed almost a hundred people/things, at least half of
    which had been fellow experiments. About forty percent of the other
    killings were the attendants that had watched me in the hell hole. The
    rest had been innocent people who had happened to get in my way in the
    middle of a blood lust period. I told him the exact number by using my
    fingers, then looked at him expectantly. I wanted to know how much of a
    monster I was. I wanted to know how bad I was compared to the supposed
    'monster' Sabaku no Gaara. Gaara lets out a light chuckle as he looks
    to the ground." I haven't killed nearly as much as you, but that
    doesn't make you a monster Kaji. No matter what you can't think of
    yourself as a monster... far too many people have called me that to
    even tolerate the word."His voice held regret but I could tell
    the only ones he really regretted killing were the ones that didn't
    deserve it... and our uncle... but that couldn't have been helped.
    Deciding that this wasn't a good topic to stay on I pull at his sleeve
    and get a competitive look in my eyes. I wanted to race. Even if I knew
    Gaara was slow when it came to running, he wouldn't be so slow if he
    used his sand. I grin at Gaara as he looks up from the ground and
    gesture towards his gourd then make a running motion. He seemed to get
    it because Sand started to flow out of it and under his feet. I get
    into a ready position as he finishes then count down on my fingers from
    3. at go we both take off towards Konoha. I held back a lot so Gaara
    was soon in the lead. He turns around and yells back to me" I thought you were fast? where'd the cat speed go?"I
    smirk wider. He wanted speed? I'll show him speed. I disappear as he
    finishes his sentence and his eyes widen. When I finally stop I'm at
    Konoha's front gates.
    (3rd person view)
    Minutes later Gaara comes floating up to the gates. He puts his sand away and looks down at the ground. What he sees, is a seemingly sleeping Kaji
    sprawled on the ground. She looked peaceful or did until she twitched
    and opened her eyes. She hadn't been sleeping at all... She gives a
    smirk of victory and jumps up from the ground, landing gracefully on
    her feet. She continues to smirk as she motions to the gate and starts
    to head in.

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