My Little Piece of Heaven chp 3



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    My Little Piece of Heaven chp 3

    Post by Saiyo on Sun Jan 06 2008, 19:36

    chapter 3- A new mission


    day when by quickly, and before I knew it the sun had set and my world
    was once again engulfed in darkness. I had left Niwa and Deamona hours
    ago, clean in body but not in mind. No matter how hard I scrubbed, my
    mind would always be stained with the blood of my victims. I had
    decided to walk home. The dessert sands was still warm as I walked and
    for a moment I let myself relax. No one would attack me... there was no
    one to attack me... not since long ago. I continue to walk, for once
    completely loose as I thought of those years... the years that only I
    survived. They had been bloody... no. Not just bloody they were
    freaking chaotic. And I missed them with all my heart. The heat of the
    battle. The feel of a weapon in your hand. The feel of taking down an
    armed enemy with your bare hands. The feel of their blood splashed
    every were while your heart pumped adrenaline into yours. Those were
    the days were I felt alive. Life was boring and seemingly pointless now
    without the constant chaos. I was born into a world were you couldn't
    let your guard down ever, lest someone take advantage of it. then was
    suddenly thrown into a world of daily pain, and when that world was
    just starting to get comfortable they go and throw me out of it and
    into a world of kill or be killed. Instant adaption was necessary and
    failure to adapt was deadly.I remember one of the kids I killed.
    He had refused to adapt to the dessert's harsh settings and had been
    spending his waking hours wandering, hoping beyond hope to find Suna,
    his only form of protection was a sharpened stick and the spikes that
    had formed from random spots on his body. The people who had made me
    'Cat' by crossing my DNA with cat DNA had tried to do the same to him
    with a porcupine. Needless to say he was a failed attempt and it had
    left him horribly disfigured and mildly insane. That day he was talking
    to himself as he shuffled through the sand. I had followed him for days
    now, mostly because I had nothing better to do. The number of people
    attacking had dwindled to nearly nothing and I had become bored beyond
    belief. For the whole time I had followed him he hadn't even noticed I
    was there and he remained oblivious till I made the mistake of stepping
    to far over the edge of a sand dune. Down the side I tumbled, till I
    reached the bottom. He looked shocked as I rose from the sand and
    brushed the sand from my torn clothing. I was already covered by the
    blood of many victims and looked like a cat that had been half drowned
    in blood then tossed in a sand box. As I straightened up his frightened
    eyes met my cold, emotionless, voids. He screams and I just stand
    there. He looks confused. I continue to stand there. He walks up to me
    and I see a malicious glint appear in is eyes. Likely thinking I would
    continue to stay still and seeing the sack tied to my side full of
    water and food, he begins to raise his stick above his head. I smirk
    and disappear without a trace, reappearing a millisecond later behind
    him, his arms immobilized and my mouth close to his ear."so that's how you wanna do things eh?"I
    whisper into his ear, pure malice dripping from every word with
    undertones of blood lust. He shudders. The blood lust rises with every
    beat of his heart. Every life giving beat of his heart. I dig my finger
    nails into his flesh. Blood pools from the wounds and runs down his
    sand and sweat encrusted arms. He freezes and I release his arm.
    Reappearing in front of him I lick the blood from my hand slowly,
    savoring every metallic drop of it. His eyes are wide, but he does not
    move. He can't, fear grips him too deeply. This wouldn't be very fun.
    He wasn't going to fight for his life. Oh well It would be better than
    nothing. Giving no warning I appear inches from him. I grin evilly and
    plunge my arms into his flesh up to my elbows. He screams and I shudder
    with pleasure. At least he made a noise. Continuing my work I pull my
    arms back out of him and grab his throat with a blood covered hand. The
    blood makes my grip slippery but it doesn't matter, It just keeps me
    from crushing his throat instantly. My pleasure would last. As one hand
    chokes him, nails digging in, the other sets to work tearing the wound
    my arms had made wide. His bloody guts fall from his chest to the
    ground and the sand around us turns crimson with blood. He's gasping
    for air and out of pain now. My skin is further splashed with blood as
    I now start to tear his flesh from his bones piece by piece. Adrenaline
    pumps savagely through my vanes and I continue my work until his bones
    are picked clean. I then sit down in the spreading pool of blood and
    stare into space. After a few moments I fall backwards my head hitting
    the ground with a sickening squish. I look to either side. To the left
    is his broken open skull, the bloody brain hanging half out, shinning
    in the afternoon sun. To the right is his intestines and heart still
    beating futilely, blood trickling out a torn valve. After o couple of
    hours I finally move on. I would continue my search there was only
    twenty left to kill after all... and I had all the time in the world.I
    snap suddenly from my daze as a hear an unusual shifting of sand. It
    almost sounded like it was flying through the air. I look to the sky
    and wouldn't you know it, it actually was flying. In the distance was a
    medium cloud of sand. Strange the sand seems to be infused with chakra.
    Wonder how that happened. I get my answer as soon as it gets a bit
    closer. On top of the sand is Sabaku no Gaara the Kazekage. Seems he
    has a job for me. I stop walking and wait for Gaara to notice me. Once
    he does he directs the sand toward me and lands lightly in front of me.
    We stare at each other for a moment as he finds the words he is going
    to say.Finally his mouth opens and he says." I have a mission for you Kaji. This is for only you though, I don't want your team involved."I nod in acknowledgment so he continues"
    As you likely now the latest Chunin exams will be held soon at Konoha
    and i've been invited by the Hokage to watch. I unfortunately need a
    body guard to go. So your mission is to escort me to and from Konoha."This
    mildly interested me. I had never been to Konoha before and had heard
    many good things about it. As a child I had waited excitedly, till I
    was old enough to go with my father when he went on his yearly visit.
    Unfortunately the year I was finally old enough he sent me off the the
    'hell hole'. Refraining from showing emotion and making my cheeks hurt
    any more than they already did I do a simple low bow and let out a
    simple"Hai"in acknowledgment of my mission.He nods his head at me then says"
    ok. we going to leave as soon as possible so go home and pack. Have a
    good night sleep and meet me at the village gates once you wake up"He then goes to leave, but stops and turns around as I make a small grunt and say" That won't be necessary. I don't sleep often and I keep everything I need for a long journey on me"I
    pat the bag at my side. It was small and held hardly anything. The
    usual things were in it: water, a few scraps of bread and dried meat, a
    change of clothing, and my small throwing weapons. Beside my bag was my
    ever present Katana, Ketsuki Ha, the only thing I took from my old home
    after I slaughtered my brother and parents with it.Gaara looks at me, sighs then mumbles under his breath"It's almost as if Insomnia runs in the family..."he then speaks louder thinking I didn't hear and says"
    Ok I just need to grab my stuff and inform the council that I will be
    absent for a couple of weeks... or maybe a month... I need a break..."I
    nod once again. Wanting to get out of here soon I grab Gaara in a hug
    like motion, though it lacked emotion, and use the Inferno Step.
    Instantly we burst into flames and disappear leaving only the tell tale
    glass disk behind.

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