Le Verite Dure - a colab between Ninetails and Brinckmyster


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    Le Verite Dure - a colab between Ninetails and Brinckmyster

    Post by Brinckmyster on Wed Dec 19 2007, 13:18

    So... this is the first part of my colab with Ninetails (Yami12 on dA) The title is french... ask Yami about it!
    Jiraya was a young boy when he first met her. She was really the only person that had ever made him want to be better or learn the ways that would make women notice him. He was a short 5-year old boy with long white hair pulled back into a ponytail, blue eyes, and red sandals. He wore a green jumpsuit-type thing with a red vest open on his chest.

    She was about his same age and hight, had blonde hair, brown eyes, and wore jeans, a revealing blue shirt, a dark jacket with the japanese symbol for the word 'gamble' on the back of it, and a necklace she had inherrited from her grandfather, the 1st Hokage of Kanoha's hidden village of the leaf. She was well known for being the grandaughter of the 1st, and, even though it seemed that her favorite pasttime was to terrorize the other kids, Jiraya found her irresistable. He finally decided to introduce himself to her, realizing he was just going to become her newest target of terrorism.

    "hello" Jiraya timidly said to her, "my name is Jiraya, what's yours?"

    "Tsunade." She said shortly, signaling the end of the conversation. Jiraya couldn't just leave it at that so he stood there and watched her until she finally snapped, "WHAT IS IT YOU WANT? You've been staring at me for so long that I can't HANDLE it anymore!"

    Jiraya just grinned, knowing that he now had her full attention and answered simply, "You." Tsunade was taken aback by this and looked at the young boy in front of her a little closer. He was staring at what little bits of breasts she already had, and it made her self-consious of them, but found herslef pleased by his attention.

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