Far Away

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    Far Away

    Post by Anei Kitsune on Mon Nov 26 2007, 16:11

    It was a stormy night. Lightning bolts struck the ground sending sparks flying through the air. Thunder rumbled across the sky, causing me to jump out of my skin. I was running...running. With no where to go. I kept going on and
    on, feeling the barren earth beneath my
    cold, bare feet. The storm raged on, making me run faster. I was soon sprinting with all my might to a place unknown. I felt as though my lungs were going to burst any minute. Lightning struck a tree, sending it crashing to the ground right in front of me. I wasn't ready for it to happen. I slammed into the tree as it caught fire. I was sprawled on the ground, panting heavily. Pain flooded over me as a hot, burning feeling began to overcome my body. It was getting hotter where I lay as the flames enclosed my body in a ring of fire. I stood up, my legs were shaking as I tried to run again. The flames were closing in. I had one chance...and one chance only. I was starting to gain my strength again. I was pushing with all my might, desperately trying to reach somewhere safe. I pushed off my legs as hard as I could, just barely missing the malignant flame. Rain started to pour down harder and harder as I sprinted across the open land. I could barely see through all the rain and the fog, and before I knew it, I was no longer touching the barren earth beneath my feet. All I felt was the pressure of air rising upwards against my flailing body. I was falling...falling towards my doom. I hit the water with a splash and felt the heavy weight of the water pile over me. I was sinking down into the rushing waters of the river. There was nothing I could do. Water poured into my mouth. I tried to swim up, but I could barely move. I couldn't break the surface of the raging water above my head. I tried to swim again, but it was no use. The water was piling into my mouth. I clutched my throat as I started to choke. I couldn't breath. I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. Iwas dying. I tried once more, but no matter what I did, I was pushed under again. I never did break the surface. I spiraled downward as my eyes closed and I waited to die. I never wondered what death would feel like. It never dawned upon me that some day...I will die. Everyone dies after a while, but I never thought it would end like this. I could feel my lungs desperately trying to flush out all the water that was getting into them, and I knew, my time had come. I could feel the pain coming over my body. Dizziness and pain, the harsh feeling of knowing you were going to die. And then, it happened. My heart stopped. My body went limp. I stopped trying to free myself from the cold enclosure of the rushing river. It was over...I was dead...
    I sat up in my bed, sweating like crazy and looked around my room. Everything was silent, still, and peaceful. I pulled the covers off and stepped quietly onto my floor. I grabbed a dark sweatshirt and cracked my door open just enough for me to squeeze through. The hallway was silent and all the lights were off. I wouldn't have long to leave, they would all be waking up soon. But I would be gone by then. I wouldn't stick around here if you payed me.
    I opened the front door and quietly slipped out. I closed it behind me,
    and then I was off. I sprinted across the lawn and onto the cold,
    lonely streets. The street lights lit up the town with a dim light,
    just barely enough to show an outline of something 5 feet in front of
    Everything was silent and I had the satisfaction of knowing
    everyone was sleeping quietly in their warm beds at home. I slowed my
    pace to a gentle walk as I made my way down the lonely streets. I
    couldn't stay at the horrible place I called home. I had to get away.
    Far, far, away...

    To be continued. DUN DUN DUN!
    Anyone like it?
    Comments appreciated! ^_^

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