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So, it's been 20 days or so since we said we're closing WOTN.

To be honest, I've been pretty quiet about the whole thing. I feel bad, because as the leader of WOTN I feel like I should of been telling you lots of stuff. I usually have a ton to say, after all, yet I've been quiet.

That's mainly because I've been working like mad on the new website. I want to make something exciting, fun. Something that will last a long time. Something you all will look forward to. Something that is worth closing WOTN down over.

The other reason, is that if I went over all the...

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for my girlfriend, lol...just poems i write for her...hope yall like...comment if u like...comment if u dont like...hahah

I've never seen a Washington sky so blue that i could see the total outline of the moon (in the daylight!)
and though it feels like winter is coming soon it looks as if its California in June
a total rip from reality
weather is confusing my body so much i catch a malady
and i'm drowning me-self
by immersing my-self
into this sickness never wanting to heal
it started in my eyes when i first caught glimpse

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Thats what I need~ Lately, I've just been.... confuddled. I was thinking up what to do, when it needs to be done, how to be done, what needs to be done, and I couldn't find any answers! I know the weekend is a good time to relax, but I think I need a bit more time to collect myself and get back in order.

So, I plan to take a short break from alot of things I constently do. Maybe....... a week will do. Its just so I get some time to recollect myself.

I call it a mini spring break of relaxation... from things I constently do.

For example, a break from video games,...

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classes start next week monday for me. i liked the break. gave me time to do stuff.
seeing my schedule, this semester will be very tiring and time-consuming.

i still do hope i can still get on regularly like i do.

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I have a problem, and it is one you wouldn't expect. It is the opposite of procrastination. You see I get all my work done early, but now there is nothing to do. Most people have work to do, and the rest are not connected enough to hang out with, so I am stuck with no work, and nothing much to do. I think it would be better to be a go getter. However, that is not who I am.

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i wrote this for my girlfriend while we were still "talking"...a few weeks later it was official haha. but yeah, its one of my favorite poems that i've written...and i have a bunch more on my Myspace blog, my Facebook notes...and my bedroom walls hahah...but yeah if u guys like it...just say the word and i'll post more...have a good one yall...

destiny can wait

This girl is beautiful in every language
and if i must learn every dialect from every corner of this earth to confirm my first statement
i still wouldnt know how...

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Aah so today felt like super loooong. i wanted to pass out in class today cuz i was super tired..and for some reason wasn't rly interested in the topic.But my teachers funny comments are what truly kept me awake in class.
Then BINGO...i remembered Mikel's mission aha, so i started doodling some stuff down :D
I sure can't draw much anymore :P

Then i met up wit 2 of my friends after class today and chilled with them.Then surprisingly when i had to leave, my friend told me stay before i left and he asked me if I'd go out with him. It was probably the most surprising thing coming...

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Hey guys!!

It has been a while since I was last here. Sorry about that, but I don't think I can be counted among the regular members anymore. I am pretty busy with midterms next week, but also trying to excel and become even better as a student and as a person. I do not think I wish to leave this site since you people hold a special place in my heart. But things are so fun around here that I barely get time to come here every day.

So sorry, but I must take this position as a casual member.
And Q I still read One Piece, but yeah no so much of Bleach or Naruto, you...

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I'm moving again! No, not really, but you prolly thought it anyway...

Well, my sleep schedule is all messed up, so I figured I'd take a week away from the laptop to fix this. On top of that, it'll give me free time to learn more about myself, give me some discipline (no computer for a week!?!?!?" and just overall meditation time.
Oh Yeah!

So, starting Thursday, September 30th at 8 ish PM - Friday, October 8th at about the same time, I shouldn't be on.

So, meditation, some introspective...

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"Are you on our side and you wanna be different... or are you on that side and you want to throw a football at my head?"
-Gerard Way

So MyChem is coming out with a new album. Hot Topic (I have them on Facebook<3) gave a link to the teaser vid and ever since I watched it I'm anxious for the new album to come out! There's no set release date yet though. As far as I know. Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" album is AMAZING. I managed to get the edited version on accident (I was mad *"really bad but don't tell my mum and dad.." The Midnight Beast=epicsauce*)...

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Did you just say Abe Licoln??
Nah, man. I said ' 'Ey, Blinkin'

So! New wotn! I was a bit unsure at first. It was a complete renovation, bound for either greatness or a horrid, painful death. But we're on the right track. Activity has been pretty decent for the most part, I think. I don't see us falling anytime soon.

So I was thinking about living in the city, as I was walking home from the store a couple nights ago. Are any of you as healthily paranoid as I am?? Well, I live downtown in a fairly busy city. It's got it's advantages;...

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So moved into University, I had to use the School's internet provided for us in the residence (it sucks)

But yesterday a bright new shining hope had appeared. Our very own internet. We can now play youtube videos and not get disconnected every time we leave and come back. Things were looking up, until i found that I couldn't connect to it. So that sucked, but now I'm connected and it is cool, but I am still the only one who can't watch youtube videos. So what does that mean? I guess that I won't watch youtube videos for the whole year (that is right, well until I get back home)

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i let them hos know,
i run this show show.

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Yay for early revival on my Campus. I know this because Christians are acting like Christians, last night, with about 15 of us gathering to hang out, turned into a worship night.

Out of nowhere! That indicates Revival is about to bloom here in NB

Also I bought a bass guitar and am learning how to play it.


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Yay!!! I moved out of my house, and into my residence earlier this week only knowing 1 guy (my roommate) and barely 1 girl (met the day before moving out). So Monday I moved in and surprise my pod mates all moved in that day, in fact it was a hectic day in general. That night we did a mission impossible thing (running around the campus doing different activities)
Met some people there, it was nice.

Tuesday I met some people from across the hallway and wow they've become friends already, pretty much on wednesday I have a good group of guys that I hang around.


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Alright. So I'm blogging, my hair's being annoying, and I'm listening to All Time Low. Oh! And it's Labor Day. No school~ :D

So I got homework on friday to rewrite a paper I did in English. Loverly I must say. I thought I did an okay job, but no xD Our teacher's got this rewrite policy thing that if you got anything like, less than an A you gotta rewrite it. And she hates homework on Friday, but she said we needed to do it so she knew where we were at with our writing skillz. I got it done but ugh. I hate homework.

It's supposed to thunderstorm on Thursday. Which you know...

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for the first time
Since my province is holding elections this month I got registered as a voter and voted for my first time.

It was pretty sweet.

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For funsies.
So its been a while since my last blog and I figured it's time to make one. Subject: Martial Arts.

Now I know most people are thinking, "Here goes Des with his stories of hurting people and how great he says he is."

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! But i'm not blogging about hurting people only about how i'm going to take up a new martial art that has captured my heart.

Wing Chun. The martial art that the famous lat movie star Bruce Lee first learned. See I envy Bruce Lee, my room is like a shrine to him. So I read all about him and how he trained, and the whole she-bam....

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And its so damn cute! While I was away with my dad, I return home, and what do I see? My sister holding a snake!~ Its a small fella, but I just find it so cute and awesome~

The way it flickers its tongue~

That stare it gives off~

The way it feels and moves~

My sister wanted a snake for some years now (She's, like, 18-19 now), and now she bought 1. Even after watching horror movies about creatures, im not scared of them~

EXCEPT for spiders. 8 legged freaks? More like 8 legged bastards to me >o>
As long as I dun see em, its cool.

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I almost cried right now. Because I found a couple. AND IT JUST SEEMED SO PERFECT MY EYES WELLED UP WITH TEARS DDDDDDx I don't even know how I missed it...

And there. I probably just wasted about a minute or less of you rlife...;w;

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Seriously, don't.

So I madez me some Hetalia Sims, on the Sims 3, along with my self, of course XD >D anyway, I married Romano and I just now decided to check my family tree. Hong Kong, or H.K. as I have him in the game, is apparently gay, and has a boyfriend. My bro, S. Korea is gay too. No BIG surprise there, but with an old guy?! -disappointed- Dx And I'm trying to hook China up with a GIRL, so that would be good -_- -coughcough-
Oh, and I have two sons now :3 One is Jacob Vargas, and the second is...

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\Its 3 in the morning, my thoughts are wonky
Now, now, first off, peoples, is that WOTN is slowly... dying....... Now, it won't compleatly die...... it might just turn into a vegetable...... like, sit around and do nothing as its kept alive.

Now, now, Peoplez who join WOTN usually quit.... I mean, look at the newbies that do... like, nuthing, cuz they're inactive...... They join WOTN cuz dey think its kool, but then something else grabs they're attention..... like, WoW, Maple Story and stuff.

I've been here.... not even for a year, but this place is mostly just a place to hang with friends now. I mean, I used to do missions...

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Okay, today my co-workers and I (there are only 2 others) and the youth Pastor went Rock Climbing on a real Rock face today (It was about 60 feet tall) right beside a large river/bog area. It was my first time Rock Climbing like this. But man it was fun (and scary) I couldn't make it to the Top (I got about 40 feet up both times) although my co-workers made it to the top on two different occasions. It was interesting to look down when your 40 feet up suspended by a rope only. I can remember I was up that high and slipped and fell like 5 feet. I felt my heart just race, I was pretty scared truthfully....

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I haven't made a blog in a long time, right!? (I don't really know) :X

I am sorry for that, my loyal fans and faithful followers! Whomever or wherever you may be! (That'd be cool if I actually had some).

Well, my summer is almost up. Seriously D: I got less than a month left and it's back to school!

Good news is, this is mah last year :3 Yes, little KKQ from '07 (I THINK I joined in '07?) is all grown up and moving on in dah world! I'm both afraid and excited about being a Senior. I wanna graduate and be outta this city but this year is going to be the hardest and...

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I noticed my Coolnocity go down, right? I'm probably the only person who keeps track of it, but when it suddenly went from 11 to 18 once, I started looking at it a bit more closely. I noticed it went down for some reason. I found out that the down post was one of my chapters on my fanfic. Okay, fair enough, it was probably a pretty crappy chapter. Writers have those. And today, I noticed that it went down a full seven points again.

So, I went back to the chapter I noticed had been voted down and saw that it had two down votes. I went to the next chapter and saw it had a down vote too....

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Okay, I just learned that one of my favourite musicians alive (Phil Joel) is coming out with a sequel to his award winning kids cd called Deliberate Kids with the cleverly titled Deliberate kids 2.

Now, I don't know about you, but Deliberate Kids is one of my favourite albums of all time, and listening to the previews on this site below I am looking forward greatly to it.

At the bottom
also watch the video, it's quite funny

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the cutest (fake?) baby I've ever laid my eyes on.

No. I am not a pedo or stalker.
I just love it<3


OKAYYYYYY. Here's another abnormal eyed baby!
{only abnormal because it is black with blue eyes! Uncommon :O)

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You know... suddenly I really miss the month of October. I don't know why! I just do. I've been listening to Crash Love *AFI's most recent album* lately, and another story thing I'm working on (not Lightning Fires) takes place in fall, and suddenly I'm starting to miss it! Except the cold. The cold sucks. Blech. And I don't miss winter in the slightest. That's a REALLY nasty season. Even if my birthday is in the middle of December -___-; And Christmas is nice. But other than that... winter sucks.

ANYWIZZY. Last night I was typing on my other story-which-is-not-Lightning-Fires and my...

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I've got a Facebook page XD
So, add me if you want~ (Search paigepunkin@hotmail ...? xD;;)
And, help me with this? I'm clueless xDD;;

So, this blog was pretty such pointless~ :3

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So, when I set up my new Facebook account, I automatically got a Buddypoke because those are really fun~ <3 I enjoyed creating the character, so I googled a game to create avatars. I find a site, called that I started playing. I downloaded the toolbar, because I figured 'why not?'. So I get free gifts, a free diamond membership, and free coins every day. They also have a little blog system I really like, and I've written a blog every day - save yesterday. I have three entries so far, and two days ago I thought up a little idea.
When I watch an anime, I create a little...

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So I got this whole list of things to do during summer. I was bored alright? And I got stuff I need to do... mainly memorize lyrics because has anyone else noticed that a song sounds TONS better when you actually know what they're saying? *Assuming the song isn't instrumental, that'd be a bit hard to log away in your lyric memory*

And so I am on an epic goal thingy whatever thing to memorize Bring Me The Horizon, Jamie's Elsewhere, and The Devil Wears Prada lyrics! Other random songs come next if I'm confident I can remember the ones I wanna memorize first.

Oh and then there's...

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