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Hey guys!

Just a quick update. Mist has a new Mizukage and vice Kage. Noffense to Spyke, but he hasn't been on in a long time. So I asked him and he said it was fine.

So everyone congratulate the former Vice Kage KarateKeyaQ on being the new Mizukage. I am sure she'll do great.

And the new Vice Kage is Amaterasu. The site's first Vice-Kage.

I am sure the new Mist team will do well.

Edit (Sun info): ClairvoyantDisease is the new Sun Vice Kage.

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Hey guys! Exciting month planned.

WOTN's 2 years is coming up! May 19, 2009. ^_^ So to celebrate, we are having a crazy party and festival. There will be contests, including someone making a WOTN 2 years banner that we will make as the big official site banner. Yep! So get going on those. The width and height really doesn't matter as long as it is bannersized (Yep).

Anyway. We also have the Quote tower event. Get onboard on that now before you fall behind on a very fun event.

Also! After the WOTN 2 Years party we are going to start something unlike we've ever...

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Red Q, his girl, Abby, the newbies, Neko Bana, and Luminta: 40 stats in one area

Azuki, Ukyo, Temari: 20 stats in one area

Charm, Crispin, AkiQ, Emi: 10 stats in one area

Congratulations to the teams that won! I salute you!

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So! I know I am kinda late to the game, but I've been paying more attention to youtube lately. As you may have noticed by the WOTN Taco Scrubs vids and jazz.

And I saw Amaterasu about a year ago had made a video that advertized WOTN.

I also remembered that some others had done this in the past.

So my offer is 100 stats divided however they like and 10,000 Ryo to whomever can make the best vid. Runner ups will get stats too.

You can make it any way you'd like. It can be just a slide show of pictures, avatars put together awesomely, pictures of the site,...

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Okay, I'm going to make this short (Well, as short as I can possibly make it.)

We're holding a contest/mission on a search for a banner to represent WotN [No, not the one up there (^)]
It needs to have "WAY OF THE NINJA" written somwhere on the banner, and must meet the following requirements:

1. Width can be no greater than 500 pixels and no less than 88 pixels.
2. Height no greater than 120 pixels and no less than 31 pixels
3. File size can be no more than 37 KB.

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I haven't done one of these in forever, so no complaining.

I recently made a thread pointing out how WOTN has fallen behind on a list we once were the princes of.

And I think we all know WOTN is a bit in disrepair and bleh.

So instead of lamenting, I want to give us something to strive for.

3000 members by the end of the month.

We are less than a hundred away. And I think it could really do a lot to boost things.

Stats are 10 per recruit. 500 Ryo. And if you get 5 recruits, you'll get a Bonus 20 stats. This is per jutsu.

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First of all you can all say hi to me. It's dark_raptor...

Secondly I have taken the liberty to add something to the Profile editing.

It is a Steam Username :

If you do not know what steam is then you don't need to know. But Steam is an online gaming thing that I am apart of. And I was wondering if anyone here would have one; so if you do message me and put it in your profile.

Mine is : aaron9


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Something a lot of you need to get. Oh snap.

Anyway, April 3rd (or the weekend that starts around there) will be the Chuunin Exam and Jounin Exam dates!

For the Chuunin Exam, instead of making you recruit 5 users before it starts, just try and get 1.

1 user = splendid. If you get more, splendid as well. But, there's a new catch. If you wish to participate tell your kage, then give them your post count. What, why's that? :O Because you'll have to get at least 500 new posts between now and then.

It's actually really easy to get 500 posts. And if you'd like...

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Okay, as many of you know Shugo is no longer the Arcade Master.

The new Arcade runner will be, King Of the Blades.

To get into the arcade, just recruit one user.

You'll get stats, ryo, and awesome arcade access.

If enough of you get on this we can set up multiplayer servers on some fun games.

And if not....

You guys end up getting the bad end.

So don't be lazy. For once.

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 [ Poll ]  


Um, yeah. Blame being up so late. But I was playing with the admin board, and somehow updated all our Profiles.

What new gadgets do we have?

Well so far we can leave comments on each other's profiles, buddy lists with avatars included, and tons easier and funner options for making our profile look beast.

Anyway, it's not perfect yet, but, woah. Kick butt.

Edit: Yes, I can now tell you what all is added to WOTN.
WOTN Points. Booyah.
Thanks buttons.
A new upgraded Coolnocity (Yes, we must say goodbye to our hardearned Coolnocity bars cleverly...

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Long time no update. Especially by your favorite, me!

Yeah, anyway.

New Chuunin and Jounin Exam coming up. Wooh! Try to contain your enthusiasm for it, really.

New Layout, too, incase you were born in stupidville and have to read it to realize it.

Um, WOTN needs a lot of help these days. Any ideas are appreciated. Anyone willing to PM me or another kage to help in anyway, is awesome.

And, we can always use help in the manga (He joked)

I guess I will try to do a more thorough update later. See you in the bar!

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Okay, this is different than the other times I asked for WOTN help.

This time instead of begging you layabouts to recruit, which is not really always very maximizing, a new plan is in order.

WOTN Managers! Okay, you may be asking, what's that?

Well, there are lot's of sections of WOTN that are falling badly out of updates. And instead of 6 kage's trying to run an entire website, pioneer new programs, and keep their villages stable, like we've been doing for over a year (up until we had only 5 Kage's) it's time to try a new tact.

So, now you have a real...

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Alright kids, listen up. up? Hm.

So, back when jose was around for longer than 10 seconds, the missions section was not a dead piece of forum. Well, I think you WOTNers have gotten used to the lack of missions, and have therefore ignored that part of the site entirely. But I'm opting to bring it back to internet exsistence: how many of you would like more missions? I have to ask, and make people aware, because I could post 27 different things and nothing would happen. You're all too busy getting drunk at the bar! :P

Also, chibi searches are, well...annoying. and...

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Once upon a December, all the Kages got together for a meeting, and death (being the genius she is) brought up a very very kickass question: "Why the fuck aren't people posting?" (coughcoughcheddarcheese,readthiswell) The other Kages also agreed, and decided that the lazy members of WotN needed a motivator (death suggested that they steamroll you sloths but was overruled.)

We will have a posting competition. That's right children. Stats for posting. How easy can that be?

But first, you're going to have to go...

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Create shops. Buy and sell goods. Join a guild, become a store's apprentice, become a banker, become a bank overlord. Become the master of the Battle System, win the lottery, and more. This is all now available to you with the new WOTN Economy, and you don't have to recruit to do any of it (thought it wouldn't hurt you neither Xp). This is all based on personal abilities and ideas. No recruiting, no number of posts, it's all on you. And it's now running, so open a bank account and get started.

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Listen up. Read well. Because I'm not going to bother with stupid questions.

The Chuunin Exams are here (applause.)

Like the previous Chuunin Exam, you will have to recruit 3 new members to the site by December 19, 2008. No if's, and's or but's. If your computer crashes, too bad for you, huh. Try again next time.
Try to also get users that will actually post and such. If you just create an account, well you're a dumb one since we can check IPs. Tough nubs. It doesn't even help WotN.

You know the drill. Three-member team, PM...

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I have reformed the WOTN ava shop. It's now ready for business and customers! Need a new avatar? Don't go through photobucket, just request it from the friendly Q and let him steal your stats. ^_^ Satisfactory, possible.

If you like my computer stopping internet lagging creations, please come to the shop and get one of your very own! You wont be disappointed, and if you are, you are probably a commie.

What's the worst that could happen from trying, afterall?

If you want to become an avatar making assistant, PM me! ^_^

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Another new announcement.. by Dei! Joy :]
Don't worry, no trickery here.


WotN's going to be holding lotteries, and guess what the prize is?

Here, it's our little secret:
stats ; no surprise there, really


So make sure you go buy lottery "tickets" in the Lottery Forum each week and try at your chance at winning the prize!


Here's where you find the "rules" or whatever you'd like...

by D-Dei - Comments: 0 - Views: 253
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Look for the secret phrase inside and PM it to me to get your stats:


Soon (who knows when), we'll post up the 2nd manga chapter. -insert applause-
Well, we're going to have a 2nd chapter "party", and we're giving out stats :D
(obviously, you'll have to work for it)


Here's the requirement:

1. You post at least 100 times on the day that the 2nd manga chapter comes out.
At the beginning of the day, you'll have to PM me with the # of posts you had at that time. (And remember, before you go to sleep,...

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That's right, I am right! All of you are wrong for I have news, yes, heralding news for all of you! You DO know that there is a little, big ongoing competition between villages? Yes, that's the word! Do you want to be left out of the excitement and thrill of this once in a lifetime opportunity? I should think not!

I know, I know. You silly children out there probably have not a single clue what this is about! Being out of the loop is tragically uncool and unrefined. Thus! Here is wonderful Sabaku's delightful post explaining the 3000 November user goal AND the competition. And Looky!...

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No! it's not a boring message from Q!
It's a boring message from Saba! snap!

ok, so as many of you have probably not noticed, we are fairly close to reaching the 3000 memebr mark. BUT! we're short by 300. So you know what that means...


yes, it's annoying. and no, it's not easy. BUT! We'll make it worth it

so here's the rundown: by the end of November, we would like to get 3000 members. If you recruit 2 members, free access to the arcade! woot! and when you get 4 new members, you'll get a new rank: WOTN Elite Shinobi. with this new...

by sabaku no ketsueki - Comments: 53 - Views: 944
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Okay! I am sure you have all heard by now that Punkfilter, Jose, and Silver are gone and no longer our kage's. This was shocking news that hit us last wednesday, and a week and 1 day later of strong and long deliberation and tough analyzing we have finally made official the new Kage's!

So please congratulate the new Raikage: Sabaku no Ketsui!
And the new Kurokage: Death-chan!
And the new Mizukage: Spyke543!

Also with these ranks we have completed a full round of Vice Kage leadership (Every village has one). I am going to announce all of them since I didn't before.

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Jounin Exams

The long awaited exams are finally here! Starting October 10th (a Saturday). Please PM me if you are a chuunin Eligible for the Jounin Exams and I will put you on the list. All names are required by October 8th if you wish to participate in the exams. No late names are accepted. On October 9th I will set up a poll for each village where the village can vote on who they wish to participate; and the top 2 members will enter the Exams on October 10th.

Please remember to pick members you...

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Okay first an update. As many of you noticed last night WOTN had some major site issues (The posting error, posts turning invisible, the sites crashing blahblahblah). Well most of that is over just a few things to note. All posts from Sunday are gone so, oh darn. There may be some double threads that's becaue the other thread locked itself because it was dominated by posts from Sunday so don't worry about it. The Forumotion Host was having some extreme difficulties but things should be better now.

Now as for WOTN, it is really in a state of Emergency. We had, 30! members added to the...

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Okay so WOTN is getting more of a federalized system. Up until this point it's been a confederation (I'm in AP government what do you expect me to do not use my vocab?). So here goes. This will hopefully help make WOTN more accessible to the users and see a lot more changes that you guys want to see happen here, and yet hopefully still keep WOTN the fun place it is.

There will be three branches of the WOTN Government.

Executive Branch:
The Kage's. We can overrule and overturn any agendas put forth by the other two branches. Just a simple fact. Not to make the other...

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Huzzah! September is in full swing so I am gonna kinda give you the fall lineup. ^_^ We got some pretty neat stuff too. So here goes:

WOTN Government - This has been talked about by excited fangirls (Okay so it was mostly me) for a long time and it's finally been authorized for the greenlight Go. So we are gonna be setting this up. Details will come on it tommorrow or Friday but basically be prepared. There will be elections in each Village for the seats of Senator so start thinking about if that interests you. (Note this includes a WOTN Court system too so get all...

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New Feature on WOTN. Right now the Hall of Fame is up. Check out people on WOTN and their accomplishments. Eventually we will put up the history of WOTN and we will also be placing up several other articles into the Archives. So please check it out and when you got a chance. Comment on it here and let us know what you think. The Hall of Fame staff is: Titan, Seshimazi, Destinykil, and Sado. Plus any record you break will be put into the WOTN Hall of Fame. If you'd like to help in anyway, PM me.

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New little gimmick. The site has done a lot better posting lately, but I had this idea a long time ago.

We had this in the old days, but it was dropped when we got the portal. So I am voting we reinvent it.

From now on whoever posts the most posts of the month, will get FREE access to the arcade. Second and third places may earn random earnings such as stats but the big news is for first.

So pay attention to whose got the most posts and see to it that it is you. You also may see your name spritelined on the Spriteliner. Who knows!

Go for it and good luck....

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A new idea that will hopefully be found enjoyable by many on the site.

They can be used both for trading and for Summoning in the Battle Arena. Take this example here:

by Q - Comments: 97 - Views: 1485
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The Fanzone now has the new Fanclubs. They are open for any enterprizing soul who has wanted to run a mini group of their own. And for all you people asking what to do with stats, we now have something more you can use them for you (And more is coming). We hope you find them original compared to most Fanclubs you'll find on the nets. And hope you like em.

So good luck and get in a fanclub or make one today. Rules are in the Akatsuki Fanclub Tower.

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