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Another game weekend for you all.

Same old stuff.

Play the game, pm me what you get.

Winner gets stats.

Have fun!

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Okay, I'll just start with THE most important announcement.

I changed up the ranks. A lot. I got rid of the Medical, Hunter, and Anbu ranks. I know, I know. Probably a mistake. A lot of people had those ranks and were Jounin. But I am kind of tired of having ranks on the site that do NOTHING for the site. So I got rid of them. Eventually I hope we can reintroduce those three ranks and let them actually mean something for the site.

The problem is this means a lot of you who were Jounin will have a rank that says Genin.

Relax. Its very easy to fix. PM me saying...

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We are literally 29 awesome ninja away from 3500. That's halfway to 4000! Well. No it's not. But it's just 500 away from 4000. Thank goodness!

Whatever. Anyway, Q wants his 3500! And to help get you there, I'm offering a rare video. Oooo~ Snap. If that doesn't get you excited. I don't know what will. Really. I don't. It's the last bribe I have.

This video of Q will have ninja fights. So you wanna get it.

Um...That's it?

29 users. It's really not that big of a deal. As a special treat, whoever gets user 3500 will get 3500 Ryo. And whoever gets...

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Me and Yoyo were talking. And if wotn can recruit 40 people before her. We get a vid of her.

*Pay back time my kages!?*

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This weekend ^_^ I want you all to play the Mecha dress up game! Take a pic of yours and whoever has the best one wins! There are 2ed and 3rds~ So have fun.

End date is this next monday make sure to pm me yours ^_^

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Whats in store!
Well, as you all know tomorrow is the first day of advent.

And that will mean its only 25 days to Christmas.

Sooooo~ you lucky WOTNians are gonna get some awesome stuff!

Like, my Christmas advent calendar! [And Q helped me with the idea, so I guess its his too :3] Every day there will be lots of prizes and surprises for you guys! So you will have to check back every day!

Check back where I hear you cry~

Tonight! [Or tomorrow] there will be a special Christmas section on WOTN where you can talk about Christmas!

And also access the...

by CLAIRVOYANTdisease - Comments: 5 - Views: 251
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Yep, it's hopefully on its way to alive-ness.
Go there.
Sign up as an instructor, if you want.
Ask questions. Get As.
...Wow, this is the shortest news thing I've ever written.

Link: clickhere.

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I should have done this sooner in the week but got busy with well, school stuff.

Pac man~ Go play it. Take a pic of your points. Whoever gets the most. Wins stats and other stuff~

Ends: Monday~

by Banouin - Comments: 30 - Views: 478
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Meika's super contest!
Meika is holding a battle arena competition! This will be divided up by rank, which means Academy student, genin, chuunin, jounin, ect. The battles will be done by raffle, in a bracket style. I will be monitoring the battle at all times, to make sure there isn't any cheating. If there is a post that goes for 2 days without a reply, the other person wins, no arguments.

The winner of each section will win +60 in each stat, and +10000 ryo. 2nd place will get +40, and +7500 ryo. 3rd place will get +20, and +5000 ryo.

If there is only one person in each section, they will get...

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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
This is for the month of November.
Please include the username of the person who you recruited, as well as the date they joined.

If you spam, your post will be deleted and I will be very annoyed at you.

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Awright, you lazy noobs.
We are in dire need of NEW&ACTIVE members.
You guys are all lazy butts.
Actually, so are we as well.

We've given you so many opportunities and jazz for easy stats, yet you don't take up those opportunities. You reject easy stats. You don't post or even bother to LOOK at easy missions.

So we kages are going to go on a picture strike.
Kinda. Well, I'm already kind of on a picture strike.

BUT, if you recruit a certain amount of people per month, we will reward you.
We will, in a way, "whore"...

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This weekend i'm going to hand out stuff for all of you that play the grow games and win! ^_^

Could be stats. Could be...well. Yeah. Just do them, yo!

Each one will give you diff things. So, try to beat as many as you can!

by Banouin - Comments: 29 - Views: 495
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Okay, here's the information on the Chuunin Exam!

Wooh, a few people passed.

Give it up for:
KittyQ ~ Sand
Mikel ~ Glacier
Cutieyboo ~ Mist
Animesweetie ~ Shadow
Darnas ~ Storm
Azarni Rin ~ Shadow
Sapphire Dragon ~ Sun

Congrats to you all!

Next week we are starting the Jounin Exam, which will last about a month. So if you're interested, I'd immediately PM your Kage and tell them. Oh Yeah!

That's it. How very exciting. ^_^ Congrats...

by quater - Comments: 22 - Views: 437
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Ok, I have been making a few topics here, maybe more then Q.

Anyway. I have to ask you, WotN. Why are none of you recruiting? We have at best, like 3 people that have ever gave it a real try. It's not hard to understand that without new blood WotN will fail.

1: Go to a site, look up anime.

2: Pm the people that come up, tell them things about the site.

3: Wait.

4: Win.

This works 90% of the time. I made a topic like this for only the kages to see, but then I thought, why not all of WotN. We have told you all this before....

by Banouin - Comments: 16 - Views: 416
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I know what you all were thinking! Our Arcade that we all love and play every day is going to suffer now that Bano is the Yamakage! Fear not my WotN friends!

That is right, as I said. ^_^ Missions for the arcade, i'm giving you peeps stats and ryo for playing a game. It does not really get any better guys.

by Banouin - Comments: 36 - Views: 577
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We promised you guys a 7th Village back in the Kage Competition. Well, that sucked. But, we still got it together. ^_^

Banouin is the new Village Kage of the Village Hidden in the Mountains. Wish him luck! This new village is risky, especially what happened with Sun. But Banouin has proved his merits on the site with the best of him. So he'll do us proud. And now the Site has grown to 7 Villages. A historic day.

Also, Dark Raptor is no longer Kage of Sun. He's been demoted. Yes, my brother. But Clairvoyantdisease is now the Sun Hoshikage. ^_^ Wish her luck! She's tough, but...

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No not really. ^_^ I do have this to say: If you want a game put up in the arcade and just post it up without telling me. I'm going to say "see ya" to this game and delete it.

This being said. Ask me and I will see about it. Just going in on your own will get the game a delete. Do I feel bad having to do this? Not a bit ^_^

Anyway. Good news~ I was looking into some of the missions and I loved that some of them were along the lines of playing in the arcade. I'm going to take this to a new lvl and add missions for some of the harder games. As is:

by Banouin - Comments: 8 - Views: 302
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^_^ Thats right. Get off your lazy butts and go look at it.

by Banouin - Comments: 2 - Views: 286
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Its out. The first 4 chapters are, at least.

Not the best chapters of Manga you'll ever see in history. But, given that we are all volunteer amateurs I think we did pretty spiffy.

And give us time, it'll get a ton better. This is just the beginning of a really great future story.

Also, I would like to note a booyah and in your face to everyone who doubted it would someday happen.

This is a good chance for WOTN to finally come in its own form as a Naruto site. Let's not screw this up. A new era could be coming for us, if God wills it and we take the opportunity...

by quater - Comments: 43 - Views: 778
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Ok my WotN peeps. Bano is handing out easy to get Ryo. All you have to do is come work for me in the Arcade. The better job you do, the more you get ^_^

There are a few jobs.

Game finders - 200 Ryo. Its an easy job. All you have to do is find a game and show it to me. Job done, even if we don't use it.

Game testers - 250 Ryo. Even better job. You test the game, tell me what you think. If you liked it and it seems fun. I will give it the time to test myself. *I'm doing this cuz I don't have free time. I need people to do this to weed out the bad games*

by Banouin - Comments: 5 - Views: 344
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War RP Guidelines

Original Idea by Quater

Revision by Menchimonster


Article I – War Layout/ Format

Article II – Wartime Buildings

Article III – Wartime Positions

Article IV – Battling/ Fight Creation

Article V – Battling/ Fight Process

Article VI – Battling/...

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Wow. I actually did it. Whaddya know?

Sand and Storm are now going to go to war. This is an official declaration of War. This war is not in anyway meant to demean Storm as a village, we just want to control your Sugar plantations.

This war is not made out of ill spirit, hate, ferocity, anger, bleh. Any stuff like that.

Its for fun. We are ninja. And Ninja don't complain about a war. They just win it for their village. I will post a thread in the Ninja Academy explaining how the War works. Fun stuff.

by quater - Comments: 38 - Views: 594
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This is a killer fun game.

If people like it and have fun. Me and Q will set up one night out of the week people can get on and play. A game can hold 4 people.

There a lot of tips and tricks you can do, and I will be in fact opening a class on it that will help everyone out.

Hope you guys enjoy. ^_^ Just give it a try.

Anyone that has played...

by Banouin - Comments: 5 - Views: 449
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Hey guys, the new Ninja Academy is up.

Everyone who teaches there will be paid a hefty price in Ryo. So get on over there.

And if you train there, you'll get nice stats and easy missions to complete, as well. So it's a win win for all.

Also, if you want to add stuff to the 'New Users Need to Read This' Area PM Me.

Its kind of like Wiki in that everyone needs to be able to add stuff to it if we really want it to rock. So, anyway.

Definitely the shortest New thing I've ever made....Wow. I guess I said it all already in there. ^_^

by quater - Comments: 9 - Views: 409
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I've wanted to do this for like, ever. Ever since Shinobi Redemption came up with the idea himself and he made one but we never used it. Oops....

Anyway, so now we have a new one.

It's called WOTNStudios. Please subscribe and friend it as soon as possible.
I'll also be posting all the WTS's there from now on.

Now you're probably asking, "And why would we want this? Why would I want to buddy this?" Well, these are legit questions.

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Big news for the Arcade guys. Its my job to make it fun for you all. So I'm giving it a go. We are going to host a Tournament for the game "Political campaign" I have no idea if thats the name, but if you don't know.

Link for you all. We need 8 People. You play one on one with someone and if you win, you move on. If you lose, you are out. The date...well. Whenever we get...

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This is just, um. Yeah.

Anyway, I already made stuff about it, but I added blogz to the site. Go check em out. Have fun with them? Er, yeah. ^_^

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I decided to open the Arcade to everyone.

Since no one was going to work for it.

So enjoy!

If anyone knows any easy online video games we could play a multiplayer in, let me know.

It'd be fun to play some of you in a multiplaya! Has to be free, though.

by quater - Comments: 10 - Views: 297
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We're having a tournament hosted by our very own King_Of_Blades.
Woohoo. -throws confetti-

It's an easy way to get stats.
Since we all know how lazy you kiddies are with recruiting, how else will you get 'em?
Seriously. It's just -punches-; -performs epic death jutsu-; etc, etc.

It's simple really:
The tournament will be all single matches.
You lose, you're out. Temper tantrums will be 'net laughed at and sent to the hall of shame.
We're aiming for around 12~15 participants, divided by rank. Yes. So you wee little genin won't have to get your...

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